Re nailing a deck


What do most of you guys use as criteria for needing to re-nail a roof deck? There are a lot of older houses in my area that are on their 3rd and 4th roofs and sheathing is 1x6, 1x8 or 1x10 even. I’ve done some tear offs on these where the old nails are hardly holding a damn thing. When do you justify re-fastenting the entire roof? What do you charge for it? Do you write it into a contract up front like for rotten sheathing repair? What could be the consequences for not re-nailing?



Wind damage and the boards will start to cup. This will make for an ugly roof and leaks.

Use a paslode or an air nailer. Renailing a roof does not take that much time this way.

Just figure out how long it will take and add it to your price. This is not an extra.


Lefty-you renail every tear off you do?




There are some spots on every roof that need some.

All I am saying you do not go back to the customer as an extra.

Figure out how long it will take you to do it. You can be a little low on the price. Over the whole year the cost will average out.


It’s figured into every roof I do. I re-nail all decks.


When we come across an old shiplap roof we re-sheath with 3/8 plywood over entire deck and it is included in price,if decking is still good we use #30 felt over entire deck,I&W is not called for so much up here.


we have in our proposals to renail all decking . every job.


All decks that have 1" sheathing need renailed all of them. I’ve never seen one that didn’t and in pittsburgh at least 60 percent of roofs are 1" sheathing. We use 1 3/4" roof nails to renail the boards they don’t split the decking second time around usually a framing gun destroys the ends of the old boards. Try it you’ll see. We reply wood when 10 percent or more of the deck is shot never use 3 tabs because when it rains and they get wet every wave will show on old sheathing. It does with dimensionals too when their wet but doesn’t look as bad


I’ve seen lotsa loose decks get shingled. Back then it wasn’t my call, so I wasn’t the one loosing the sleep. Amazingly enough though, we never got called back.

Pgh is right about the framing gun’s effect on those old, dried out board-ends. I like the framing stapler for this application if the code guy isn’t around. A siding gun with 2â€Â


I re-nail every deck…When you remove the old shingles YOU loosen the decking yourself. How can any one justify charging the H.O. for damage they cause in the tear off process. C.D.X. plywood also always seems loose and buckled. If it is buckled it gets changed…
I only charge after 3 sheets…and I always know in advance how much wood will need to be replaced.
I do state in contract that I pull all loose nails, and then re-nail the entire deck. That is so they see I give more than the other guy…
It also clearly states( in fine print) of the warranty about the deck being securely nailed. I highlight that area for the PROSPECTIVE H.O. when I give a bid.


If we re nail anyting we use ring shank nails to keep the board from popping again when the house expands and contracts. What is preventing your nails from popping again?


Does anyone use plywood over shiplap decks or is that a Canadian thing? :roll:


renailing is one of the good ideas that countys acroos the country have come up with.
alot of houses are built cheaply and after a few reroofs the decking is loose. here in fl we are required to renail every deck.
takes one man about one hour per ten sq (nailgun).
i throw it in for free to get job.



we use 8d ring nails.


yeah thanks rooferj,
they do like ringshanks down here.
some countys makin the roofing nail ringshanked to.
i dont like it. ever tried to tear off a ringshank
nailed roof?
yeah they dont come out.



[quote=“gweedo”]yeah thanks rooferj,
they do like ringshanks down here.
some countys makin the roofing nail ringshanked to.
i dont like it. ever tried to tear off a ringshank
nailed roof?
yeah they dont come out.


Thats the whole point :wink:


Dade county is 6 nailed ring shank into yellow pine that’s the spec. In pittsburgh we run into cement coated hand pound into yellow pine their kinda special (hard)


well i never seen regular roofing nails get ripped out of wood.
the shingles get blown off and the nails stay.
so im not a fan of making nails impossible to pull out.

dont like em.
just dont.



x ray vision?


No…I walk the entire roof,and inspect attic,and if I am wrong in the quote I eat it…My point being that the H.O. knows full well the final cost of the job before I start…I have been on roofs that needed full re-sheet,and the others never said a word about it to the H.O. in their bids or orally…
That wins me allot of jobs…