Rapid Ridge vs. Certainteed Mountain Ridge

Hello Everyone,

Is there a difference between Rapid Ridge versus Certainteed Mountain Ridge? I’ve been told that Rapid Ridge is the same as Mountain Ridge and that basically Rapid Ridge makes Certainteed Mountain Ridge. I’ve asked for max def weatherwood and mountain ridge, but was told it’ll be Rapid Ridge that shows up at my door. When I look at Rapid Ridge’s website it doesn’t show a compatible color for max def weatherwood.

Bottom line, I don’t know what’s true and based on what I can find they seem like two separate companies. There’s just not that much info on the web to confirm what I’ve been told. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mountain Timber is what I saw for C-Teed weatherwood. http://rapidridgeplus.com/downloads/Rapid-Ridge-Plus-Compatibility-Chart-2020-July.pdf

Does Rapid Ridge make CT’s mountain ridge cap?

Rapid ridge appears to only make ridgecap. Left you a link…

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Do you have any experience with Rapid Ridge or CT Mountain Ridge?

No. CertainTeed 800-782-8777

Use 2 layers of the regular cap, it looks better.