Rain running through fascia cladding


So a new roof is in progress. Drip edge installed, underlayment applied, but no shingles yet. we got some rain, and the water is getting between the fascia boards and the aluminum cladding covering them. there are gutters installed, they are installed behind the drip edge. The water It is running along the bottom of the fascia cladding almost like a gutter and running out the seam at the point where the next piece overlaps, all along the entire length of the eave. There is a debate going, one side says this will stop once the shingles are installed, the other is that no, the water should not be doing that at all. The underlayment, drip edge, and all that should be enough to prevent it. Which one is right?


The guy that says the shingles need to be installed is correct based on the info. Have any pictures?


Come on, really? It is underlayment not a completed roof. If it was a tile roof underlayment it would be different but composition performs differently and is mainly dependent on the finished product.

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Here are a few images of what we have. Drip edge is also a starter clip. It’s one of the steel shingle type roof systems.


It appears i might see ice and water shield underlayment under the metal trim.
But…their trim/clip has now become a trough

And To keep the water from coming out of the fascia you need to install the shingles.
Or you could install some self-adhered
And sandwich the metal
With self-adhered on both sides of the metal. On the bottom and top.
You could use a 6 inch strip.
Maybe even cut it down to a 3.


correct. Ice and water shield is under the metal. with the starter clip, there really is no way to have it on top. Shinlges are going on starting tomorrow. The debate was really whether once they are all installed that will stop water from getting at fascia or not.