Rain Diverter for Rubber roof? Any Tips?

Hi everyone… looking for some roofing advice. The side door to my house is below the porch roof, which is black rubber, and the rain drips down onto our stone step causing an ice hazard in winter.

All the online advice I see for rain diverters shows how to cut a drip edge and tuck it upsidedown into your shingles, which seems like a great solution. But how to attach something like that to a rubber roof?

I’m hesitant to peel up the edge of the rubber and risk breaking that seal, so I’m thinking it has to go on top, maybe glued on somehow? How would you do it?

thanks in advance!

I once used a foam rod and some uncured EPDM to make a little water diverter.

Get a 1" foam rod, lay it on the roof like you want it for a rain diverter, cover rod with uncured EPDM.
I used 12" Uncured cover tape (EPDM) and it took a little forethought to avoid air bubbles under the cover strip.

  1.  Lagged (Bolted) 2'' x 6"  directly over rubber/ with a slight pitch either way so an water run off will actually run off!- snug but not pushing the 2x  so it crushes/ indents insulation board under.   
  2. Cover that with a piece of EPDM, then clean all existing rubber around new diverter followed by uncured rubber. 12" would be one shot over and around  but 6" will go around and then cap the top and as a novice a little easier to work with.   Using scissors trim all lengths in rounded opposed to square- this keeps corners from lifting as it ages. 

The amount of water that could get in will only be by the penetrations created by the lags.

Good luck!

with my years of experience,(27yrs), I am in agreement with Roofcheck!!! Very Good Advice!!!

Either method would work, but I also did it like Axiom did. No penetrations that way.

Recently we set 12- 2" x 12" x 12’ stacked 6 high (directly to wood decking, U bolted around rafters for Solar Panels. Being on the 4 th floor in a windy location U bolted around rafters for up lift. Because we wanted to be down on to wood substrate we cut a long x and attached the existing EPDM to the sides and double wrapped the corners and top.

I like the Foam glued as well as long as no sliding ice & snow will knock it loose.

Rain Gutter?

Excellent advice from all… thanks so much! Will let you know how it works out. :smiley:

You might want to invest in a gutter guard around the porch overhang. That might take care of most of the water droplets.

How much old your roofing system if their age maximum 20 years then you should reinstall your whole system because maximum age limit is 20 years if you across from this age limit then you have many problem like your door may broke if continue rain water in this area.

Not to sound like a dope … but what if I used one of these on my rubber membrane roof to divert water? https://www.trafficsafetystore.com/parking-blocks/economy-rubber-6#PBRE6YL

Don’t put any fasteners through it of course, it should work.

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The way ive done it,
Paint Hydro-stop on area where you want diverter.
Lay a 2x4 in it immediately with a pitch, no fasteners.
Start wrapping it with the fabric and Hydro-stop.