R-Panel Metal Screwed onto Corrugated Closure Strips

I bought a house recently which had a lean-to shed attached to it. The shed has a single pitch roof which butts against the house

The existing roof was corrugated fiberglass (crap) screwed into corrugated closure strips on the purlins.

Despite it being 100% within my capability to DIY this, I hired a professional because I wanted a warranty. He has just completed the installation half an hour ago.

He used R-Panel metal roofing, and instead of pulling up the corrugated closure strips, he just left them and screwed the R-Panel roofing down through them. This has resulted in numerous screws which are visible under the roofing. All screws catch wood, but this still seems like shoddy workmanship, and he should’ve pulled these closure strips off so that the roofing sat flat onto the purlins. I paid him over $100/hr in labor to do this 3hr job.

Aside from just feeling slighted because someone half-assed the job I paid them for instead of spending an extra twenty minutes pulling up the strips, should I be concerned about leaks? Would any of you do something like this?

Interested in any feedback. Thank you in advance.

Bump. Anyone have any thoughts?

You’ll need to post some pics of the issue to get any decent advise.


Pictures are needed for this one. What was the installers reply? Let the forum know if you are having any issues posting them.

I’m not going to be able to post photos. They can’t be taken. You can barely even see what I’m talking about when you’re standing here. It just looks like a metal roof.

What part of the post is unclear? There are corrugated closure strips along the purlins, so the R-Panel roofing is just screwed down onto the top of them, instead of being screwed down into the purlins themselves.

Sorry, to address your question, the installer’s reply was “Well I thought that’s what you wanted. I thought you wanted it to all look the same”, which of course is total BS, because the previous roof was corrugated and he changed it to R-Panel even though I told him on numerous occasions and in writing that the roof was corrugated and there were closure strips along the purlins.

End of the day, he left these closure strips because he did not take my “small” job seriously and he wanted to save the 20-30 minutes that it would’ve taken to pull up the closure strips. So my question is, aside from being pissed because I was treated like a second class customer, should I be concerned about the integrity of this installation?

If the fasteners aren’t into the framing, it’s a problem. I’m just guessing, but maybe it was a simple misunderstanding of removing the closures. I would have removed them but I’m not him. My conversation with you would have been written in triplicate, with the details of the job.

Ultimately that’s my problem with the whole thing. Why didn’t he just come have a conversation with me about it?

The fasteners are into the framing. Just based on the math, they should be about 1" into it. He used 1 1/2" screws and the closure strips are only 1/2" thick maximum.

If its that difficult to see that you can’t even properly take a pic of it then its not a cosmetic concern. Its not gonna affect the roof’s performance, longevity. From the sounds of it he probably should have removed them, however its not something i would get myself worked up about. I just wouldn’t hire the guy to work for me again or recomend him to others.

It’s certainly not cosmetic. Visually the roof is totally fine. Good to know your thoughts on the longevity/ performance. That was my only real concern. Thank you!