Quotes on a New Roof


You can still use ice shield instead of felt no matter the pitch, just unnecessary.


You can still use the ice and water on any pitch,
Its just that i feel like you might be over spending on material if you dont really need it.
If there is tree overhang, than that justifies it.

A 5 pitch with no tree overhang and no snow
Is a solid pitch.


I was partly being sarcastic, it is rarely done that way. But you can still do it.

Some shingle gauge apps work and some suck.


My home is about 28srs (about 60/40 shingles/flat) and did not get quotes less of $ 25 000 (those did not included all) .

I just got my roofing permit as a owner-builder. I went that route because all quotes I got from roofing companies were not reasonable IMHO. I am about to begin work (my self) on my roof.

If want some opinion/info - 305 two44 one57one Pete, I will be happy, if I can help…


One of the possible issues of a roofing contractor is… Sales person is an expert, however, the people on the roof just doing want been told (not all the time)… but to often…


It’s been my experience that the sales weenies are NOT experts.



Seems like you also live in the South Florida area. I havent received any quotes yet, but if you say all the quotes you received were over 25k for a 26 square roof, then that it’s more than my budget. Did you fill out the roofing permit by yourself? What’s the fee to pull the permit? I saw another home owner who recently did the roof on his house (arch shingles) and was encouraged to see he pass inspection and did it by himself. If all the quotes I get are in the 20k range, then I’ll probably have no choice but to DIY the roof. Keep us posted on your progress, do’s and dont’s and good luck.


There were quotes as 35k … be aware of “what is not included” in the quotes how will be billed for it - fascia boards, plywood or… Some charge 20 / 30 / 40 buck per linear feet (sq ft)…

The fee for the permit will depend on the value of you project. However you my have to pay, like I did, other frees - plans review 30-40, notices of commencement 20-30. My permit(only) fee is 135.

If you going DYI and you are not roofing pro, if I may recommend get familiar with all RAS -128…127…150…, others that my be applicable to your roof.


I received a bid this morning from Paul Bange roofing which I’m attaching for your opinions. Overall, the final price wasnt as high as expected, but it isnt cheap either. The total price includes both the Flat and regular roof. For the flat roof, they are going the “torch down” approach. The project manager sold it as a “4 layer system” consisting of:

1 30lb base sheet
2 II plys of ply IV fiberglass felt
3 3x3 Bown inch eve drip metal
4 Mineral surface Fiberglass cap sheet.

For the the rest of the roof, Owens Corning fiberglass fungus resistant arch. shingles with the wide nailing strip. I asked and they dont use “Ice & water” shield. They guy said that application is more suited for northern areas where snow is an issue. I didnt want to push the issue, but he assured me the felt they use is up to code and well proven for this area. Pulling permits is included in the price ($500) which he said could be waived.

No deposit required. 60% due at start of project. 30% due at shingle load and 10% due on day of completion.

Additionally they offer a “lifetime warranty” program at the cost of $300 annually. If the roof needs replacement 14 years from now and provided I’ve made the $300 payment every year, it wont cost me a dime to replace it. At first glance this sounds like a good deal as they come and inspect your roof every year they repair any leaks found etc. If you opt out the lifetime warranty, they offer 5 year warranty. Review the quote and let me know what you guys think. Total price comes in at $14,600


As to plywood, the first feet are included, any additional plywood is billed at $5 per square foot. I mentioned I had 15 sheets of plywood and he said they have to use their materials. I get that, but was hoping I could use my plywood as that can get expensive really quick.


All the guy has do is deduct the cost of the wood from the total cost of the replacement and still change $5 sf minus cost of your wood (if the wood is new). Ice/water shield I would check to see if you may need high temp. It does cost a lot more but South FL does get hot. High temp will not melt or run. And that can happen. Just ask the roofers and ask to read the spec sheet on your roofing materials. You can also call the roofing supply companies and ask questions.


I know this post is old, but in SWFL it’s likely your able to get you roof covered by insurance even if their are no shingles missing and the roof is old.


Thanks for driving up our rates 199. What would justify making insurance pay for a standard reroof?


Most of the shingle roofs in this area have extreme granule loss if they were in areas that had some of the stronger winds. Most gutters look like sand boxes because of how many granules are in them that we’re not there before. In areas where the winds were around 140 mph the granules were loosened due to a sort of “sand blasting affect” except with the rain. If you’ve ever been moving 50 mph through rain you can REALLY feel it. The wind blew the rain into the shingles at 140 mph loosening the granules. Yes, granule loss is 100% a natural occuance, but this hurricane sped up the process so that the lifespan of a lot of roofs are decreased. A roof before the hurricane might have had 12 years left, but after extreme granule loss it has less years left and under most insurance policies your roof needs to be put back into pre-storm condition or better. I could also go into the importance of granules as they are not purely for aesthetics, but have a scientific purpose.


GAF is probably dominant in your market, their shingles have been notorious for granule loss for decades.