Questions for Roofing Contractor

Hi there.

I live up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where the winters are cold and summers are hot. Our roofs go through a lot in terms of snow, rain and sun and unfortunately, my roof is at a point where it needs to be replaced.

This is one job I will not tackle myself and therefore wanted to get some advice on the types of questions I should ask when sourcing a contractor or company for this job. I have a very steep pitched roof (I believe 12’) with as many as 6 dormers and many valleys. My concern is on asking for a good quality underlay and not the standard felt.

Any advice, questions, etc that would help me do some homework in advance, would be greatly appreciated!!!


[quote]My concern is on asking for a good quality underlay and not the standard felt.

I would start with that opening statement. It would let them know you are interested in a quality job. Not on an economic friendly job. If you said that to me. I would educate you about your roof.

I would rather have you feel knowledgeable and confident about your roof. Not just happy your roof is new.

We have a few discussions right here on the 1st page of this tab (“Construction & Technique”) that address your exact question.

Check those & then if you have more specific questions, let us know.

If you want, you can come back here with your @ least 3 estimates & ask us about the components your various contractors have suggested.

Also, if you were to post photos of your house then you’d let us point out areas of special concern that we might spot. Take a photo from the Front L, Front R & Back L, Back R… give us some distance between you & the house & if we see something that might warrant a closer look, we’ll tell you.

Also, find out in advance if your area requires permitting & licensure for roofing work.

Why does he need at least 3 estimates?

i belive the underlayment you are looking for will be called “titanium udl”. call “roofing” companies, not “construction” companies.


Without a good recommendation or referral, the homeowner needs information and options to get the right contractor.

The first contractor may be a jack leg with a low price installing large doses of tar.
The second may be a decent contractor installing a decent shingle for a decent price.
The third may be a high end contractor selling copper flashings and 50yr shingles and great value.

The homeowner makes a decision based on their needs and wants. Hopefully they make the right decision, but they need the info and options. :slight_smile:

Dennis— I can give him those three options :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is a reputable company, and their is no red flags going up, the company is taking more of a risk doing business with you, than you doing business with them. They don’t know you personally, and have no idea if you are reputable. Ask contractors we have no idea if the homeowner is a trustworthy customer, that plans on paying. Did the roofer ask you if they could do a credit check on you. We would all like to, but it costs us money,(making your price higher) and a pain in the butt. So, if you are worried about getting ripped off. Go with a reputable company, with good refferals. If he wants half down. Don’t give him cash. Write a check. To his company, 0not his name. In the memo, write half down for roof. If he runs off with the money, you have a case against him, because you can get a copy of the check he cashed. I own a company in Pennsylvania. We do over a hundred roofs a year. Every homeowner, except one I made give me half down. One had a problem with that, and I didn’t get a good read on them(trust). She had three people refer us to her, and she still didn’t trust us. I let someone else have the job. If you don’t trust the contractor, and think he is going to run off with the money or do a bad job or something, then you are probably shouldn’t be going with that contractor.
Trust your instincts. Research the contractor. Find someone you trust. That is all. It isn’t a cheap date, but don’t make it any harder on yourself than it has to be.

try to get a roofer from your area or atleast is familiar with your local weather conditions.
someone who has been around and has learned what works and what doesnt.

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