Questions about ventilation

I am looking to get a new roof, but I have a question about ventilation. First, I have a simple Cape Cod style house, A-Frame room built in the 1950s. It does not have soffit vents. It has a gable vent and a ridge vent. I had the attic finished about 7 years ago or so. In between the roof joists is insulation and the plastic rafter vents. I live in NJ so the summers can get pretty hot, temps in the 90s are common. I should also say I have central air and in the attic there is a return vent on the ceiling. In the summer we also usually use an AC window unit up there at night. If I kept the door shut and let the central AC work, it is on the warm side, but not terrible. It would be uncomfortable to sleep. Here are my questions:

  1. Should I get an attic fan installed with the new roof, i.e. is it worth it?

  2. Is a solar fan a viable option? I’ve read they don’t move enough air to be really effective. I ask because the gable area might be totally dry-walled off (have to go into a crawl space and check)

  3. Because there is no soffit vents should I have drip-edge vents installed?

  4. Is it okay to keep what I have in terms of ventilation if it my current set up is fine (window AC in summer)?

Really this is an either/or situation. I wouldn’t get a fan and the vents. I should also say only one of the three roofers that gave me estimates brought up the fan idea. I came across the drip vent idea by looking online for info on attic ventilation. I realize this is a lot, but I would appreciate some unbiased feedback. Thanks!