Questions About Roofing Estimates

I am starting to get estimates to repair this roof:

The first one wants to put down ½â€Â

Tear it off, and put down the fiber board.

I was going to tare it off myself anyway. It’s only $150 for a dumpster and a couple hours work.

The fiberboard seems like a big expense. Is it necessary, or just recommended?

A DIY who usually says a few hours turn into two weekends more often then not.

you should use iso board, fiberboard is garbage.

I agree with both, RooferR and RooferJ.

When most DIY’ers get involved and realize how hard it is and also if the old material is primed down, they skimp and take short cuts and don’t do what is necessary for a proper substrate and Isocyanurate insulation is much better than fiber board and costs about the same per thickness of the boards.


"The first one wants to put down ½â€Â

i believe this is a garage roof if im not mistaken. fiberboard is ok to give you a smooth substrate.

In NY (which i think you are in the binghamton area) fiberboard is about $25 ish a square (not expensive).

New Question:
Which roof is better:
Versico 0.06 fully adhered EDM roofing system…
Flintlastic Self-Adhering SBS Modified Bitumen 3-ply system…

i prefer .060 epdm fully adhered

I still think you should hire a professional to do the work.

Depending on application depends on what you use.

Flintlastic and liberty are the only from what i know carry a warranty on a residential application. I may be wrong on this, atleast it was back in the day.

I’ll do this for ya…1/2" densdeck or ISO(preferred)…060 genflex…20year warranty, I’m certified and ready to go…

If it were my roof I would use the .60 EPDM.
Given those choices…

I would use 3 ply granulated APP modified.

Genflex offers a residential warranty on the materials. Its included at no additional charge. Just fill out a warranty registration and send it in.