Question on new roof

I got a new roof almost a week ago from a local contractor who did a friends roof a couple years ago, and it all looks good except for 3 shingles on my garage are sticking up a bit (pics below). Everything I am reading says to just give it some time and they will settle, but I am the type that micro analyzes everything. The roof was done in about 60 degree weather but it has been a bit chilly (45-65 degrees) and now projected rain and to not get into the 70’s and sunny for another week or so. The contractor said 2 days and they should lay down and it has been more than 2 days. He also said he will come back out if I want and lay them down. Just wanted to get someone elses opinion. My buddy who did some roofing in his 20’s said to give it a couple weeks. Is this correct?

Every day that goes by, it will look flatter.
But yes, the two spots you circled might need to be addressed.
If it doesnt go down after a month during this season, have him come back out and address those spots.
More than likely a fastener didnt get driven all the way or there is some debris In the way.

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Thanks! Is this anything to be concerned about or is this a common easy to fix issue?

Nothing to worry about, quite common.