Question on Atlas shingles

I’m building a new home. Atlas has a cerain shingle that would look great with the paint/rock look we’re going for on the exterior. Several nice homes in the area have it. However, my roofer has strongly recommended that I not go with Atlas. He says the quality isn’t as good as others, such as Certainteed, and that I could have problems with it very soon.

I get the sense from a few other postings that Atlas isn’t the best shingle out there. However, any chance that they’ve improvded recently? Has anyone had problems that they’ve personally seen, or heard about from others?

I’m struggling to find a shingle from Certainteed or Elk that looks like the Atlas one, and so it’s a tough call. Any help is appreciated, as I know jack about roofs.

Which Atlas shingle are you looking at?

I have very little experience with Atlas, but if your roofer is saying to stay away from them it is probably a good idea.

tell us what the shingle is called andwhat color and maybe we will know what GAF/ELK or ceratainteed is comparable.

Its the Pinnacle shingle. I think it’s the weathered wood. Looks similar to the weathered wood shingle offered by Certainteed; however, the Atlas shingle has some lighter colored shingles that almost look tan (which looks good with the tan painted brick and rock look we’re going for. I’ve seen the Certainteed WW shingle on similarly colored homes and it just doesn’t seem to look as good with that color). The Atlas shingles also have a more pronounced shadow line that I liked. However, the color is the main thing.

GAF/ELK timberline prestique 30yr. in weathered wood has a high definition shadow accent. i have it on my house. looks good.

Did you check out the Tamko Heritage line of shingles. They not only have a Weathered Wood color, but another 2 in the same color family, called Aged Wood and Natural Timber.

Personally, I like the Natural Timber for a lot of applications.

Here is a link. Click on the Heritage 30/50 series. … fault.aspx


Atlas Pinnacle is crap. ItS almost as bad as IKO CambridGe!

I just removed a solar panel from a 7yr old Atlas Pinnacle roof, and the rooF extremely worn. The customer was surprised to see the pictures.

GAF/Elk Timberline Prestique with the Systems Plus or Golden Pledge warranty is the way to go!

Thanks for the info

I put the new Owens Corning Duration Premium shingle in weatherwood (OC calls it Driftwood but it is the same as weatherwood) on my roof and love the look of them! The Duration Premium (not the Duration) have a very very heavy shadow line and looks great!

But - some of the roofers on this site are not fans of OC shingles!

Look at mission brown from GAF that is a nice color. Its in the timberline group. Has a light accent to the dark brown more than weather wood.

poor atlas.