Question for the sloped roof people

When working solo on a repair or small job, what tricks/labor saving techniques do you use?

We have a towable manlift. We also own a Ford 850 National 400 series crane truck. Life is easy with the proper equipment. Be able to rent or “have access to” the proper equipment. No matter how small the job, safety is always your first concern.

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I have 3 different roof boxes I built for storing material or tools on the slope without things sliding off. I have the photo for 5 to 7/12. My 2x8 is for pitches above that. I tack a piece of foam or carpet scraps to the bottom so it sticks. When by myself I wear my Batman belt that carries everything I might need, including my lifesavers candy.

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spongebob,under armour or merell sneakers for traction. havent done anything complicated,maybe if i ever get called in on some full chimney reflashing with shingling around it.then obviously only toeboards.