Question for experienced roofers

I have some leaky flashing around my chimney’s I contacted some local roofers to do the repair but they can’t find a source to buy new shingles for my roof.

They are an unusual looking interlocking windproof shingle.

Some suppliers say it is a discontinued shingle, but are not sure what they are called, others say they were an exclusive shingle only available through specific roofers… (then I have been sent to several of these roofers who then don’t recognize it…)

So to this roofer community I ask… here is a picture of what I have, do you recognize it?

Can anyone out there tell me the make and model, manufacturer, perhaps even a source where I could get a couple rolls?

link to a picture of my roof: … mLZw1Zt3kQ

If I can’t find a source soon I am going to have to have the chimney patched until I can afford a new roof this summer, or one roofer is mentioning they can make shingles for me to fit from roll shingle but I don’t have a quote on that yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

looks like an interlocking shingle from Squire’s Roofing.
Where are you located?

[quote=“dennis”]looks like an interlocking shingle from Squire’s Roofing.
Where are you located?[/quote]

I am in Cincinnati, Ohio…

Checked out the website, it looks like their shingle might be different it is hard to tell from a picture but is close, also looks like they service cleveland/akron area… I wonder if they ever worked in cinci…

IKO ultralock 25 …a.k.a. “t lock” very common in north east in heavy snow/high wind areas. last i knew any iko dealer could get it, but it is special order from canada. i did 25,000 sq. in watertown, ny about 5 years ago.

Looks like a Squire’s to me. Sometimes they don’t sell the shingle without buying their labor too. Worth a call.

i just checked out squires…they sell IKO ultra lock 25. that is the shingle they have listed on thier site. actually the color chart is directly from IKO’s website. squires does not manufacture thier own shingle. if you read closely they say on thier site ( ) that they only use top quality materials and offer manufactures warranties. so i would say we are all correct…squires put it on…but it is IKO brand

Hey, I know who RooferJ is,

but who is RooferR?

(good to see another local NE Ohio roofer on here)

Dennis- I’ve been reading this site off and on for a while. I finally signed up for an account. A winter layoff makes you do new things. The guy I work for now heads off to Aruba for snow season.

Marshall- A far as I knew Squire’s made their shingle’s and only sold them to friends, apparentlty things do change.

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I’ve never seen anything like that before. Good old “Yankee ingenuity”, right? :smiley:

Tamko used to make a similar shingle also, but it was discontinued. This is probably a Tamko.

Did the previous contractor goop up the chimney with roof cement? If not, a good roofer, can probably reflash the chimney and reuse the old shingles. Especially since you say you want a new roof in the Spring anyway.

I have some old Tamko Tlock’s in my garage. They are white though. You can have them if you want.

I am in Columbus. I have to travel to Cinci tomorrow to figure up a standing seam roof. I can drop them off at your house if you would like. I could flash your chimney for you also. is my email.

I am in cincinnati also, these are the t-loc shingles. I don’t remember the manufacturer name but I used to install these shingles for a now defunked home improvement company named Sawhorse. The shingles were readily available at Mueller’s, our local supplier, I tried to call the owner at home today and got no answer, I will be able to find out tomorrow if they are still available. I will post tomorrow as soon as I know anything.

T-lock shingles were intended really for go overs and other low budget jobs. They are hard to get around here. but IKO and I think Certainteed can speacial order them.

Hey I just talked to an employee at Mueller and she said that they probably have a few loose skids of those shingles laying around in thier yard. I believe they were manufactured by globe, I know they are not the brand installed exclusively by Sherif-Goosland. email me tomorrow with your contact info and I will try to find them for you at

Y’all might probably want to discuss color so that it might get close to matching.

Hey I found the shingles you are looking for and I can get them in black(thanks Ranch Hand), which looks to be the color on your house. email me at

Dunno… looks sorta “weathered wood”-ish to me.