Question for contractors about potential issues


What do you see wrong with this roof and what would be the potential problems?
Wondering how many opinions I can get on this.
Thanks for any help


3-tabs were racked. Manufacturer will say it’s fine, as racking is acceptable with 3-tabs.


I see nothing to be alarmed about.


So that means you would install your mom’s roof in the same manner and feel like it was a proper installation without any potential issues?


Yes, what shingle is that? It is not a 3 tab, looks like an old mark80


It is 3 tab. The colors aren’t blended because of lazy contractors racking install. Other than looking like striped PJ’s, there are increased chances of leaks and wind damage from joints be lined up.


The roofer did his job correctly.
All that said, i wouldnt sell that brand of manufacture again.


The roofer couldn’t have done his job correctly if the install of color textured shingles are installed in racking fashion because you can’t blend the colors as intended by manufacturer to eliminate patterns.


Your roofer did nothing wrong as racking 3-tabs is perfectly acceptable.

There is absolutely no reason why it would leak or blow off because it was racked.

For keeping the cut-outs in vertical alignment racking is the superior and preferred method.


Perfectly acceptable to whom? When the manufacturer states that install must be done by offset method. When insurance companies insist on following manufacturers instructions. The only people that this is acceptable are roofers that are to lazy to do quality work. If you can’t keep cutouts aligned, you shouldn’t be a roofer.


What manufacturer is it? You could say that racking actually is more work then stepping the shingles. You can’t keep the lines as straight cutting the steps. You can get real close, but cannot duplicate the factory cuts.

You seem upset, care to share more of the story?

I really am curious to what the manufacturer of the shingles are. I don’t think that is a color blend in my area.


Not only perfectly acceptable but the preferred method for installing 3-tab shingles.

There are roofers here with 30+ yrs of experience telling you that this is normal and acceptable, what are your qualifications to say differently?


I have never staggered a 3 tab roof, always racked, every time I have seen a staggered 3 tab the verticals were all wavy. If a manafacturer was selling a 3 tab that couldn’t be racked I wouldn’t take the job or sell a different shingle.


I had 10 yrs experience before I learned there’s more money to be made elsewhere. Like I said, if you can’t do a quality job. You should not be a roofer. If you think the visual of the vertical striping caused by racking looks good and vertical cutout movement does not, then your oopinion has to be biased because of being a lazy roofer.
As far as being perfectly acceptable and being the prefered method. Those statements are what I expected from someone doing the work. Not someone who has a vested interest in selling the service. I can guarantee you would not use that picture in a brochure to promote your business.


A statement from someone who doesn’t know how to do the work. Don’t confuse the members of the forum with roofers you personally know.


I was in that work and took pride in my work. I’m not equating anyone on here with anyone else.
As I said, I can guarantee you would not use that picture in a brochure to promote your business.
Even though you’re on this forum saying the visual of racking is acceptable yet the visual of cutouts is not. That’s a load and copout.


We are all saying we wouldnt use that manufacture again since the roof doesnt look good while installing the product correctly.

Care to share the brand??


Ok. I’ll ask you. What brand and model 3 tab do you install that doesn’t show racking when indeed that’s how it is recommended to install?


As a matter of fact if my mom wanted a 3 tab roof (which I wouldn’t let her get in the first place) I can say with 100% certainty I would install them in a racked manner and go home and sleep like a baby afterwards. Yeah however I’m someone who takes no pride my work though… What was the purpose of this post? Was it to gain ammo so you could show your roofer then demand he replace the whole thing? Those appear to be a pretty low quality shingle and those color patterns would have shown up either way, stepped or racked. Because of that no I wouldn’t use that job to promote my business but that doesn’t mean its a faulty install. I’ll find documentation later about how all manufacturers that i’m aware of accepting racking of 3 tab shingles.


ARMA and GAF, don’t recommend racking. Offset is the recommended methods.
The purpose of this post was to get a generalized opinion.
The brand apparently is a low quality and I have seen installations with the same that some show racking. Yet some do not. It has to do with the way it’s installed.
The product and install quality falls on the roofing contractor to do a good job. If the issue where only low quality product, that would still be the responsibility of the contractor for selling an inferior product to the client. So to assume that I would go after a contractor for poor quality product or install would be correct.