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My roof was recently damaged by wind and needed to be re-shingled. On the paper I received from the insurance company it specified 30-year comp shingles. When the bundles of shingles arrived it included 12 bundles of 25 year shingles. When I asked the contractor why the 25-year shingles he said that they were needed for the “starter row” which required a thinner shingle “so the rest of the shingles will lay right”. I have no experience with roofing and just wonder if anyone can tell me if this is right, or is the contractor taking advantage of my ignorance?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The 25 year shingles are perfertly acceptable for starters. However 12 bundles sounds like a lot. I wonder if he plans on useing them for ridge caps?
If so, you should not allow him to. Insist that he use the manufacture’s hip & ridge shingles.


I don’t think you have anything to worry about at all. 12 bundle of 25 year shingles is only 4 square. Unless you have a very, very small roof, this 4 square could not be used to cover any significant portion of your roof. It sounds like they will be used for starters (possibly caps as well) just as your contractor said.

The contractor may also be planing on running soldier courses, this might explain the extra bundles.
As you said too, he may be using the 25 year shingles as caps. Could be a hip roof, that would be a lot of cap.


it sounds like you talked to one of the least experianced roofer in the bunch.
three tabs are used on demensional roffs all the time.
for cap shingles.
the rest, i dont know.



I use 3 tabs for starters all the time, and sometimes for caps on 30 years too.


we use 3 tabs for starters 100% of the time.


one doesn’t need three tabs to start one can get a starter shingle. if ur roof repair is only a but and run you don’t need starters. if it is a tear off you do also ridge and hip cap shingles are sold with dimensional shingles in the package. they are break aways don’t need to be cut. one should use the ridge and starters the come with the order package


he might run starters up the rake edges too. sounds like a pretty normal roof.


12 bundles of 3-tabs is approx 900 linear ft of starters.
It is probably cap & starters.


One does not need 3-tabs as starters but a lot of us use them anyway (I do). Old habits die hard.


I use almost exclusively the thirty year shingles be they three tab or the laminate shingle but as for starter and rake edge shingles I will use three tab shingles 20, 25 or 30 yr. shingles-whatever I have an abundance of in the shop yard. But I never, never, ever use a 20 or 25 yr. three tab shingle cut up for hip and ridge cap shingles on a 30 yr. shingle job. It does not make sense to me that one would even contemplate using a cap shingle that will most definitely wear out to the elements before the shingles in the field of the roof on the home.


Very true, bad idea to use 25 year caps with 30+ year shingles.
I did 7 houses in a development last fall, all caps on the homes in this development were completely deteriorated before the rest of the roofs, had to replace them all.


Did someone say that you dont need a starter coure for a butt and run? I assume this means a shingle-over or re-roof. Of course you need a starter course. the starter course sheds the water that gets between the buttjoints of the first row.



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im with ya guys but if ya use 3tabs, which are a smaller shingle, for starters, you have to cut and start over eventually.
ive come to find out that most roofs the peace cut off the starter can be used for the last shingle.
so i just cut my starter off the top/last shingle, instaed of coverin it up with cap.

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