Question about shingle selection


My roofer will not install Certainteed Landmark Pro. Something about a pending lawsuit. He’s not familiar with Atlas Pinnacle. Basically, he wants me to decide between Owens Corning or GAF. I am going to ask him about Pabco too. Out of these 3 brands, can anyone recommend which shingle I should go with? I am leaning toward the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles with the Deco hip/ridge caps. I would like shingles that have some definition so I’m not sure if these would be a good choice. Also, I would like a good algae resistant shingle.


The only algae resistant shingle is the
Atlas Pinnacle.
The only brand with a real warranty against algae and streaking.

Is your roofer saying no because Atlas doesnt serve that area
Or because he cant get an account or have the available funds with a supplier who does?
I think that might be important information.

I dont support either of the brands your roofer is choosing.
But if i had to, it would be the Durations.


I don’t think his supplier sells Atlas. I called a couple of supply companies in my area and they do not sell Atlas so it may not be available here in Houston. I really wanted Landmark Pro or maybe Atlas but I trust this roofer. He works for a company that I am familiar with. I’ve seen his work and he is giving me a fair price. He guarantees that the roof will be done right this time. What do you not like about Owens Corning?


Easy. Get a different roofer.


I have 25 years in buisness. Certainteed has always been on top. Your roofer needs to quit cherrypicking. ALL the manufacturers are involved in class action suits…not news. GAF are crap…so are TAMKO. TAMKO doesn’t stand behind their product. OC is a good choice as a 2nd to the Landmarks…:+1:


googles your friend just one of many atlas providers in houston area


Here it shows the Atlas representative in houston texas.
Says her name is Alina with her phone number and email.
Im sure a call will net you with every single roofing supplier selling Atlas in the houston area.


So I decided on the OC TruDefinition Duration Driftwood shingles.

My roofer is going to install these shingles with the Rizeridge hip and ridge shingles.

Any reasons not to go with these shingles?


Owens Corning is a good product. Get a 4 Star or 5 star Owens Corning manufacturer’s warranty and don’t sweat the lawsuits. Also, CertainTeed and GAF both stand behind their products. The roofer should be a certified installer of their product who can offer these extended warranties for your peace of mind