Question about Ridge Vent - Gap left when not using on new roof

We recently had our roof replaced. Our old roof had both turbines and ridge vent. Roofing company installing new roof advised me that it is recommended now to use on or the other type of venting. Their recommendation was turbines and static vents due to the small amount of ridge we have. I asked what they do about the gap in the ridge when the ridge vent is removed since we aren’t going back with that and was told they would replace the decking along those portions.
Fast forward 3-4 weeks since the new roof went on, I was in the attic putting boxes up there for storage and happened to look up where the old ridge vents were. I see the gap on each side and the underside of the black underlayment. Turns out it seems they did not replace the decking and simply covered right over it. Is this a concern? I am supposed to meet with the roofer this week to pay the remaining balance and trying to decide whether to bring it up or if this is okay. Any input is appreciated.

On the presumption that the venting you had, worked well before the works, I would insist on what was agreed to, Only pay for what you agreed to.

Are you talking about the (roughly) 1" gap on each side on each side of the ridge? If so its a non issue. But feel free to ad a pic so we can better understand.


If it was me I would have outright told you i’m not gonna replace the decking as its not necessary.


Aurilio Carbon and Islandroofing are both right.

You asked a well informed legitimate question
He answered, and he should keep his word.
But i wouldnt make him do it now.
It is too late.

Roof will be ok.
I have tore off many roofs where the previous roofer covered over the ridge vent hole with underlayment.
Hopefully it is a proper gap as island said.
And not a giant gap.


This is exactly what I am referring to - the one inch gap on each side of the ridge that was cut for the vent. The company who put the new roof on said we just did not have enough ridge to get proper ventilation which I was fine with.
I was more concerned about the integrity of the roof and not so much about the miscommunication of replacing the decking. I just was to make sure this won’t cause me any issues down the road. Sound like it isn’t anything to really worry about though

@roof_lover Thanks for your reply. While I am a little put-off that they told me one thing and did another, I feel like them trying to correct it now would lead to more issues and headaches. I am okay with the way they did it as long as it doesn’t bring problems down the road. I will probably mention it so they are aware but not make any big deal of it.

It does seem to be a standard gap roughly 1 inch on either side of the ridge. Sounds like it’s nothing to really worry about and shouldn’t cause any problems. Thanks for the info!