Question about joining two roofs

I need some advise to make this roof connection work… I posted some pictures that will show my situation… I cut the eves approx. 2" above the old roof thinking I needed room for the roofing shingles to slide underneath
…But the more I look at it the more I think it’s wrong…is it? Should I have continued the eve to tie into old roof, and shingle around it?.. Any help would be appreciated here…


I would build a saddle to devert water from ponding like it will right now. A diamond shaped one would work.


Yes you need to run the rafters and sheathing down to meet the other roof.

What state are you in?

Great spot for a saddle. You can run the valleys to the rake ends or for a little better water flow can extend them past the rakes a few inches but with a good eye you will be able to see it more from the ground this way.

On new roofs seen it done both ways.

Make sure to wrap in ice and water shield. Saddles like those have a lot of water dumping on them from both roofs. I try to instal ice and water shield up as far under the saddle as possible.

run plywood to meet then put in valley metal and then
install dead valley.
your doin allrite.


you`re good with about a 1/2" gap for the bottom courses exposure to get up past that cricket point from below,then yes a metal cricket/saddle would do the job

A dead valley will not work in this situation gweedo, thats the hack way of doing this. You MUST build a cricket/saddle to remove water from this area. I dont know why you do things like you do but come on man.

I would build mine out of wood and cover with ice and water then shingle it or put metal in but i would build it up for proper drainage.

Since the poster’s in Southern Nevada he may not need ice and water shield.

My thought would be the roof wouldn’t pass inspection without a cricket being built.

Yea doug i missed that by mistake but i think you are correct.

I have been online looking to see what a saddle is…I see how it works, good idea… Thats probably what I will build. I also know to bring both eves down to the other roof… thanks everyone for your advise.

its not big enough to need cricket.
there are alot of dead valleys like that around me.
no cricket. no saddle.
just a dead valley.
perfectly fine.

i know gtp ,
all those were done by hacks.

were all just a bunch a hacks down here.
no crickets behind chimneys either.
builders are hacks, roofers are hacks.
just a big hackfest.


If done right, that dead valley will work, even in snow country.
It appears to be 4’ or bigger, my personal limit for a dead valley such as this is 2’.

A saddle is a much better solution, it could even be considered the “correct” way to do it.


I would just hack that valley too.

lefty make gweedo laugh.