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First of all I want to apologize upfront for the long post, but I really need some clarity from you pros!

We had a couple big hailstorms last summer that did a little bit of damage to our roof.

I called three roofing companies that sounded reputable from research.

1st company was great. They were very professional, very informative and did not try to push anything down my throat. They left me lots of materials and walked me through all the products they use. They gave me a quote that had a value on it and a quote and they then gave me a quote to give to my insurance agent that has no value just ‘negotiable’. They told me to setup a appointment with my adjuster and they would meet him/her on site. He also noted I would have to sign an agreement with they at the time of the meeting with adjuster.

2nd company was a smaller company. Very pleasant but didn’t have the materials, fancy brochures. This doesn’t mean alot to me anyways since I run a small company myself and can see through most of that stuff. He wouldn’t leave a quote but did say he would send me one in the mail.

3rd company was another small company, but was friendly and helpful. They wouldn’t give a quote. He said you don’t want to show the adjuster a quote because of a couple reasons. 1.) They don’t like people to try and tell them that they another guy inspected my roof and said it is damaged, and 2.) They will often only give you the amount on the estimate and they you will be out your deductable. He also said that I should request an independent adjuster when I call my insurance agent. He also said that adjusters don’t like it when roofing companies show up when they are trying to do their job. He told me to meet with them myself and be friendly to them as that is the best way to do it.

As you can see h’m confused as different companies have told me different things.

I’m hoping you guys can shed some light.

By the way, I’m in Minnesota.

Thanks in advance,

programmer guy


I know Dougger on this Forum has an Ace reputation and deals with insurance adjusters on a regular basis.

He also uses the exact same estimating software that most insurance companies subscribe to to come up with their figures.

The difference between a contractor with your best interests in mind and an insurance adjuster attempting to minimize the claim amount, due to “accidentally” or intentionally missing some key components of the estimate could mean the difference between a roof value that will endure the time and weather you experience in Mn.

He will be able to lead you in the correct direction.

If you want further comments about your original three, I will be happy to provide my learned opinion to you if you request.



Hello Programmer Guy.

You have done your homework by finding three reputable contractors but it appears you are left with more questions than you had prior to meeting with them.

There are several ways to approach an insurance claim. Each company will more then likely approach it differently.

The contractors that don’t want to give you a bid raises a red flag. It makes me wonder two things.

  1. They don’t know how to write an insurance estimate and just go off adjusters estimate.
  2. They don’t want to come in to low in case the adjuster happens to be thorough and writes a higher bid than they do.

The contractors that want you to sign prior to meeting with the adjuster is a clause that says if the roof or damage is approved they either do it for the insurance dollars minus deductible or you have to pay them 20-40% of the insurance proceeds if you either pocket the money or have another contractor do the work. Anybody that makes you sign prior to meeting with an adjuster is a read flag in my books. You would of course have three days to pull out of the agreement after signing though. There have been jobs I have lost due to low bidders that I would have liked to have had a pre-contract but several home owners I’ve talked to have been able to get out of these type of contracts with the storm chasing type of contractors. They would rather spend time getting more signed contracts than spend the money trying to get your insurance companies money.

Last Saturday I looked at a roof in South Minneapolis that had some moderate to heavy hail damage. Going to meet with the adjuster tomorrow.

Let me ask you a couple questions?

Do the contractors only do insurance work? Did the contractors come to you or did you go to them? Have you had the adjuster out to your property yet? Did all three contractors go on the roof and assess the damages and all say the same thing? Have you called your agent yet? Did you ask if the crews they planned to use are local workers? Did you check their license number status, bbb, and did you check on the good standing report with the secretary of state site?

If you would rather not answer these questions on this forum you can email me at dougger222 at If you email me I can tell you how I would approach the situation. You could even call me if you would like and there will be no pressure, 612-298-1228.

Some agents won’t call for an adjusters unless you have an estimate. Usually this only happens on re-inspections but two claims ago I got approved the agent wanted the estimate prior to sending out the adjuster. That agent told the home owner my sister in law not to sign with anybody.

Had another home owner call the other day stating their insurance company wanted a signed contract after being told not to sign with anybody!!!


Hey dude, i think you can choose the 3rd one in your choice as it was a big concern and they look good for your problem. Consult with them and get full details before choosing them. Good luck!!

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I’ve had lots of interaction with Dougger over the years. Take him and Ed seriously. And they’re kinda like oil and water! :slight_smile:



Most of the dealings we have had with Insurance Claims, the adjusters will ask for up to 3 Quotes. If you have a preference of the Quotes, some adjusters will work with you. Get your quotes detailed and in writing, You can have the Roofing Estimator on site generally, this allows to assist with their visual inspection amid the Insurance adjuster’s. This can sometime assist with the Insurance Claim Coverages.

Good Luck


I thought most of douggers work was insurance? He does know his stuff i will say!


Thanks guys for the humbling comments! Gotta say learned a lot from you all too!

Just a little update on this “old” thread.

I’m hoping the home owner is ok with this being posted, my guess is yes!

I was called to the house to meet with the home owner as the fourth roofing contractor. After shaking his hand I handed him my referrence list which he was very impressed with, I was the only one that did this, btw. On that list on page two he found six houses I had roofed in the past two years within two miles. We talked for a little while and found a lot of damage to his aluminum fascia, window trim and front door trim. After going on the roof told him he should contact his agent. A few weeks later I met the adjuster who was from Texas and the first thing he said was, “Lets go find some hail damage”. I was like SCORE!!!

Did the job, got paid on satisfaction, and now he’s on my referrence list.

This is the second job I’ve done from home owners asking questions on this site. The first was a couple years ago on an old farm house. That roof had three layers and had to be redecked.

I don’t like insurance companies that ask for three bids. If the home owner wants three bids he should really find which contractor they like most and let them battle for dollars with the insurance company.

BTW, this job took many months from first getting approved to doing and shortly after getting the green light my bid price was matched. After two price list changes the insurance company bumped the job up over a grand.