Question about durolast/hypolan


I have came across a warehouse full of white and tan material which appears to be Durolast or some type of Hypolan. The material is in rolls which are 7 feet wide. There are no lines or marks for plates or fastening on the material or any tabs to stretch the material. It has the reinforcement scrim in between the layers. To me the texture is the same as Durolast.

Does anyone have any idea’s to what else it may be? Is there any uncured flashing made that will stick to the cured field membrane? I was told that this stuff may cure and be unweldable if exposed to open air to long? Thanks for your help.

you could try welding it maybe take some samples.

could be bondcote a good material pvc.

I did cut off some pieces to take back to the shop to try to weld them together.

Do you know if Bondcote has an uncured flashing product? If so do you know who sells it?

YES they do its non reinforced but you may have to google them to find a rep or place to buy it.