Quality of work concerns


I just had my roof replaced. It appears I chose a contractor that does not value quality work. They didn’t extend the synthetic felt to the edges. - it was short several inches in many locations. They placed starter strip around the perimeter of the roof

- is that a problem? Next question, can the crooked roof edge be cleaned up? Thanks for any feedback


Anything I should be concerned about on my new roof?

Here is a pic on the underlayment concern.


Not great but not something to be concerned about, at least the synthetic felt.


The slightly short paper, no big deal in the end.
Rake is rough, definitely needs to be cleaned up. It’s rough enough they will need to swap out most of the shingles along the rake to do it.


Can they not snap a chalk line and trim it like that? Thanks for your response


Depends how much overhang they left. It’s possible but I would be surprised if they could cut it back cleanly and maintain proper overhang.


Synthetic short at the edge not a big deal. The rake edge is near the top of the list of 10 worst I have ever seen. As patch said will take some work and may require replacing some shingles to get it close to acceptable.


Thanks. I’m not sure I trust them to replace shingles At this point. I hope they can trim and leave enough overhang.


How much overhang did they leave? Unless there is 2+ inches in some spots might have trouble getting that straight.


I’m not sure how much they left. Maybe 1-1/2” to 2 “ I also discovered that sheathing is exposed on that side as well. They really butchered that entire side.


With capped facia metal edge is essential. Did you have metal edge on your previous roof?. In my opinion metal edge is much more important than the shingles not being cut straight.


Are you referring to drip edge? If so, no, it was not on my previous roof either. This roof replacement was an insurance claim and they don’t cover drip edge. It is no longer code in my area per the roofer.


Yes referring to drip edge. If it was not there before the plywood would have been viable before unless they replaced the capping.


Let me guess. They covered your deductible, right?


I have a higher deductible so they met me half way.


Usually not a good sign lol


You paid half what you owed and got half-assed work. Now you’re complaining. Surprise, surprise. Try playing the full price, perhaps you’ll get a full effort.


I agree with authentic. You got a sloppy install but provided your roof isn’t leaking I’d say you got what you paid for. My advise is to take it as a lesson learned and move on or pay a legit contractor to fix the edges. I wouldn’t deal with the original contractor again.


That’s fair. I understand you get what you pay for,but 2 people recommended this contractor. It seems to be common practice that roofing companies work with the customers in regards to the deductible. Also, money is a little “tight” after replacing my water heater and both ac systems within the last 14 months. Thanks for everyone’s input and advice.


We know its not uncommon for companies to pay the deductible. However its still illegal in my area (and I assume everywhere else). Contractors who do this usually afford to be able to do so by using the absolute cheapest sub crew they can find. They could be americans or could be illegal workers, and can’t possibly afford to have the proper insurances on the peanuts they are being paid. Sounds like the people who recommended them just got a better sub crew than you did.