Q: re "Do Not Remove" strip on Owens Corning Class

I just purchased 4 squares of Owens Corning Classic 3 tab shingles. The front and rears have a tar strip however the rear tar strip is covered with a thin plastic transparent cover that says “DO NOT REMOVE”.

The instructions seem to say that the tar cover is for storage (I gues so the shingles do not stick to each other) and it says on it “DO NOT REMOVE”. It seems intuitive that if the tar strip is there it must have a purpose which would require removal of the covering? The instructions totally gloss over this assuming you already know the answer.

Not knowing what to do on this is holding up my install. Does anyone have the proper skinny on this?



It says not to remove.

How is this glossing over???

It tells you what to do and why???

How is this glossing over.???

I am not being a wiseass. Just read the black part of the page.

Thanks for the reply, but in an effort to be succinct your message is ineffective. Does not answer my question.

As you surmised the strips are to keep the shingles from sticking together in the package. Once they are installed the strips are positioned where they do no harm, so they should be left on. The front tar strip is the glue strip, the rear strip is just to make them non stick in the package, there is no useful glue under the rear strips.

Dave B
Thanks. That is what i suspected. What I’m not understanding is why put on an unnecessary tar (or glue) strip only to wind up covering it up? What am I missing?

I started out assuming that the label meant what it said “DO NOT REMOVE”. But then a neighbor came over as I was getting organized and told me that their roofer pulled off every strip before applying. And that memory was cemented in due to picking up strips for the next month or two.

This post gotta be a joke right?? I can just imagine someone laughing their behind off. If a legitimate question then as daveb put it the back strip is for packaging only to stop shingles from sticking to real/functioning tar strip on the front. When shingle is installed the above shingle will lay over this strip and so on. Over time heat will cause adhesion. Now the real question Malcolm would be does this install entail a Cali Valley?? :smiley:


My answer does not help, because you believe the neighbor instead of me and the instructions.

Your neighbor did not have a roofer install his roof. He had a out of work something install his roof.

Pulling off the strip comes from the beginning of the self sealing shingle. Today, it is an old wives tale. Don’t remove the siliconized tape over the adhesive because it just a waste of time and effort, not to mention it generates a lot of waste.


To all respondents an overwhelming “thank you”. My question seems answered with all in agreement. Therefore there appears no reason for further reply posts. I’d pull my question if I could. Soooo…



what the hell one more!
without that plastic strip you would not be able to get the shingles apart to lay them.
thats the only purpose it serves.
it says do not remove so you wont waste time doing so.



GWEEDO now you are making me laugh!!! :smiley:

You are really going to piss this guy off. He even said not to reply in big red letters :lol:

Thanks for the laugh.