Putting a room over garage

I am building a small 16 x 20 garage that will attach to the walkout level of my place. I am hoping there is a way that I can put a room in the attic of it and that I can access this room from the second level of my place. Can someone tell me what kind of roof would work best? I was thinking if I beef up the ceiling joists to wooden I beams it would provide enough support for the weight and am using 6 " walls but don’t know what type of roof is necessary to give enough room

If you are asking, maybe you should hire a contractor for your project. There is alot of differant answers to your question.

I don’t think it’s over my head if I have an idea of what type of structure would work. Since I posted I looked on the net and I think a gambrel roof would work. The span of the garage is only 16’ and I’ve seen advertised wooden I beam that will span this without supports. What do you think of this style working? And possibly a dormer?

Hey Billy, Im a huge fan! I think you want a framing forum though; we just cover roofs here.