Pulling Dump Trailer of Shingles

I have a 2014 F150 with the 5.0 V8. Wondering what size of dump trailer full of old shingles I can pull with my pickup? Old dried out shingles should be lighter than new. 5x10, 6x12?

Pull the Towing specs on your specific truck based on the vin. They will differ based on what engine/trans/rear combo you have. You do not want to exceed that. Figure 250# a sq plus the trailer weight. On a 150 I would guess around 5000# Meaning a 2000# trailer with 12 sq of shingles. I would recommend a bigger truck personally.


I think it will be the rear end that is more of an issue than the engine. I think MPA’s estimate of 12 squares was probably reasonable. You start pulling more than that, especially with an older F150 and I suspect you’ll be needing a new rear end and/or transmission.

If you have the stx than you max out at
6 thousand pounds.
If you have
XLT or higher than you max out at
7500-7900 pounds.
Your dump trailer 6x12 is going to be right around 2000 pounds.
My 14 trailer is 2250.

10 sq of three tab roofing with All trash involved with old roof and new roof
Will be approx 1 ton ( 2 thousand pounds)
10 sq of An architect roof will be approx 1.27
Easy example- 40 sq=5.2 tons

I have the XLT, so at most I should really only be pulling a 6x12 dump with a max of 20 SQ. I’m thinking I will get a bigger truck.

If you are going to pull a trash trailer full of tear off on a regular basis you need a 3/4 ton or better.

Just keep it under 10,000lbs unless you have a cdl.

10,000 lbs for a cdl in your state MPA? In Oregon it’s 26,000. Over 10,000 we just have to register the truck different and pay more. Agree F150 will pull next to nothing. Hope the landfill is REALLY close.

I’m with Axiom. You need 3/4 ton or a 1 ton to be consistently pulling any kind of dump trailer of shingles. A 1/2 ton will pull it, but the first time it starts that funky swaying, pushing you thru a stop sign, or up and down, your cheeks will grab the seat. You’ll never do it again.


26k combination here too but if trailer exceeds 10k bumps to cdl. Know a lot of 12k dump trailers registered at 9999

short answer, really cant be done with your equipment.

It can be done.
But it should just be emergency or rare or expect that it wont last too long and will be dangerous.
Need the 250.
And it is limited too.
Limited to 40 sq or so.

If you want the heavy duty trailer
Its going to weigh 2 tons.
It allows you to carry 5 tons+
But now you are at 14 thousand pounds and you need the F350

Mostly we need 4 wheel trailer brakes
In sync with our vehicles and a user that gets user friendly with their trailer brake system.
I turn up my brakes a couple notches when i have a load. Enough to really feel them working.
And turn it down a couple notches after i drop the load, right before i hit the brakes coming on to the exit scale.( or else they will lock up)
Every tire pressure should be checked and adjusted before driving off with a load.
You will want a compressor built into the truck to deal with the tires.
I had mine done under the truck.
Cost me about 1k

Dried out
Accouant for 220 per square

I ended up buying a 1 ton