Property Liens

Spoke to a general contractor friend in Atlanta, last year he told me he had to place a property lien on residential re-model. Turns out the other day got a call from their attorney demanding a release of lien due to application paperwork being wrong? otherwise he would be sued.

Sounds like a light hearted attempt to me and told him to blow it off. I’ve never had a problem on re-roofs but have been scammed a few times on repairs

Any experiences?

I’ve filed at least 10 in the last 20yrs, all for roofing projects. I had one that we went to court, same thing you spoke of. Attorneys threatened to counter sue our company for false paperwork. We ended up in court and won a judgement with the judge making the decision. The opposing attorney claimed that we had not filed the proper paperwork. What they had on us was we had not attempted to collect by sending certified mail, blah blah blah. We attempted to collect by regular mail. We had made copies of the letters and notarized them, so we had proof. Word to the wise, we attempt to collect now by certified, reciept requested. We still have that judgement for $6800. The homeowner defaulted, home went into foreclosure. Banks attorneys ask us to release the lien for $200. We told em to drink pond water. New owner bought it, told us he doesn’
t care if he ever gets a clean title. He paid cash and rents it. He said we could keep our lien as long as we like. No problem We are.

HA HA :mrgreen:

Good advice rama, will pass it on. Think you just saved lot of guys a $200 attorney lesson

You know, lots of people say to act on your lien. Probably true, but even when you get a judgement, If they don’t have anything, that’s what you get. If you can hang on, all liens end up with you getting a phone call or mail. You’ll be like me, sitting in the office last year and a title company calls me and wants to settle a 4yr old lien so the owner can sell the property. No problem, send me the check and the lien release will follow.

Yeah, that’s the problem with winning most any lawsuit; in the end, you really only have a piece of paper in hand & not much else.

It’s only when the property owner attempts to convert the house that you have the potential to get some $$.

Great information rooferama, thank you.