Proper Shingle coverage for valley visible from front of House

My contractor did not install shingles on valley area that was previously shingled and now white roofing paper is visible from the front and side of the house. He claims this is the only way to prevent leaks. My previous roof never leaked in 29 years and this area was shingled. What is the correct use of shingles for this area? I have picture attached.

Here is another picture from side of house.

Well that is completely wrong.

The membrane idea is fine but the execution is completely wrong like it was done by a drunk framer or something.


That is on my top ten list for worst valley detail ever, and that is a difficult list to make.

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Even when done correctly, shouldn’t the membrane material be dark in color so that it isn’t obvious when viewed from the street? How far from the vertical wall should the shingles be offset?

I would have used shingles with ice/water shield. I would send a picture of that to the contractor demanding a proper fix. Everything about it is wrong, although membrane is a good product for that area. Unfortunately the membrane is not only installed in a disgusting way, it looks like something he found in a scrap pile on a job site.

Ideally it would, the installer obviously didn’t care about the installation so I doubt he gave the color clash much thought.

It looks like it has enough pitch to do it in shingles also.

Was this area a problem before the reroof?

Can anyone even tell what they used? I’m trying to figure it out. Is it a white ice and watershield?

I bet it’s peel and stick cap.

I would have him correct that soon as possible, that is a leak waiting to happen.

It doesn’t look like a cap sheet to me. Don’t think it has granuals. Looks far too thin also. I’m not viewing the pics from the most advanced piece of technology ever created though! Lol

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He should have used a tan or brown material.
Not a white one.
Which one would have looked better is subjective.
But is excusable if it cant hardly be seen from the ground…

This just doesnt look like good material to me.
No proper cap sheet would ever have wrinkles like this.
It really does look like some
white ice and water shield or some
self-adhered base sheet.

What type of material is normally used for this large an area in lieu of shingles? Do these materials come in brown colors typically? The area is partially visible from the street, so the white color really sticks out.

Low slope membranes are PVC & TPO (thermoplastics), EPDM (rubber), and different types of Modified Bitumen which are asphalt based products.

APP modified bitumen with a granular cap sheet is most likely what you are looking for, it is available in different colors.

There are self adhered modifieds also but they lose their granules prematurely.

Any of these products properly installed will work very good.

Was this area shingles before the reroof?

If so and if there were no issues it can be done in shingles also.

Yes, it was shingled with no leaks over 29 years.

It would look best if shingled again, but you already know that.