Problem generating leads

My dad seems to be having some issues generating good leads.

I am curious to know how many of you guys are having this issue also?

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Find out how to generate more business.
There are tried and true methods for roofing marketing.

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Pretty easy, but you will need money and time. 1st go canvassing in areas that you did work. Second, subscribe to lead generating services. Angie’s list is not recommended. I would apply for Home advisor. Not all of them are good, but they are lead… Go canvassing for your dad, it works.

We used to purchase leads from homeadvisor. The results were okay, but we started getting a lot more quality leads once we worked with a local SEO company to help us with our online presence. I suggest either learning SEO yourself, or hiring someone who knows how to do it. If you can get your website to rank for the search terms that people are already using to find your business, you’ll be golden. We used Fleek Consulting. They’re in Charlotte, NC, but I think they have clients all over. They built a few websites for us that were designed to generate leads, but instead of sending those leads to multiple contractors like a lot of lead gen companies do, they sent the leads exclusively to us. I was super happy with the outcome. The sites look very professional. Check 'em out if you want! And let me know if you want the contact info for that company we used.

Home Advisor is absolutely awful in my experience. We used them for around 6 months. I would estimate at least 1/3 of the leads are completely bogus. 8 out of the last 10 we received were bogus. You’ll struggle mightily to get them to credit those bogus leads as well. They’re selling those same leads to multiple other contractors. In our experience, the majority of the valid leads were low dollar roofs with inherently low margins. We even saw them start to sell leads to Hispanic subs who were basically giving the roofs away.

Invest in a website with SEO and social media. Even email marketing. Check the statistics, that is where business is being done these days and leads are being generated. Why pay someone else big bucks for leads shared with multiple other contractors when you can spend a similar amount and have the lead for yourself? To be clear, it is likely they will click on other Contractors web site but chances are, those low ballers won’t be spending the money to get rated and compete with you in this manner.

I am on the business of generating exclusive leads for roofing companies.feel,free to contact me at and we can set up a consult.

It’s a combination of old school, word of mouth, door knocking with flyers and business cards, even offering christmas light services just to get your foot into the door to online marketing, getting the web site out there and noticed.

There isn’t so much a magic formula, every field is going to be needing strength in one area compared to the other to get results. It’s a waste of time to go for national search engine listings if you are only covering a small local area, and worthless to have it in just the local area when you can service outside ones.

It takes time, but biggest mistake I see are people who are too cheap to hire a legit web designer and marketer. Watch the ranking move up on the current one I am marketing for the Vancouver Washington roofing market. It’s day two and already getting results showing up on the search engine. URL is USA Roofing And Garage Doors LLC

There is an exact method that works very well.
Personally I don’t post my company info or site here.
I monitor this site so that I might learn something new and/or offer input in areas of my specialty.

There are some excellent roofers in here with exact correct answers to posts.

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Hey I’d recommend what @Brian_Millar said… it takes time but it CAN be done.
As others also said, I recommend against any service where the leads you get do not belong to you exclusively. If you have to share leads with everyone else, it’s not going to be worth it!

For those of you who have had effective online marketing with SEO, PPC, etc., what have been your best services to target? Just “roofing?” or have you been able to get found for things like “Christmas lights installation” or other things that help you get your foot in the door?

On a local level, road signs and flyers work amazingly well for Christmas light services, very much gets your foot in the door.

SEO, its good to have partial company name search terms show up for people that know your company name but don’t remember the .com, its also good to have your trade and city/county name search results show your company in its listing. Broader terms, such as just roofing are only worth marketing to that level if you are a nation wide service.

There are different approaches to SEO, most are only temporary fixes that have to be babysat and to me are horrible ways to milk a client out of money. Mine, once its established it stays on top requiring little to no maintenance. Keep in mind, even with my vast experience, if the website is lacking relavent content there isn’t much I can do to get it ranked high with natural search engine results.

You are correct on the lead services, sharing a lead with several others is pretty useless. I had a prominent company make all of these promises with that, I asked them how many open jobs in Washington state they had for me should I sign up and pay. We are talking about the whole state, and they told be about 35 existed… I went to public records building permits and found hundreds in my county alone… Do Not Pay for Leads!

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When someone search for a roofing contractor + your city, be in the top 5 results and your phone will ring


Not necessarily true. If you’re serious about lead generation from the net, you need SEO, Google Ad words and your Google business listing in place and filled out completely including positive customer reports. Hire some professional help to get this done.

Hey, CoolDude, I’m trying to get my wife to think that I am a cool dude I need some help! I got a ways to go There are five things I’ve found to ask when hiring a marketing Co so you don’t get ripped off 1) leads need to come from behavioral based data, not Just FB or just Google searches. I have had bad experiences with just putting ads out there, with way prices are now I learned the hard way. 2) The marketer needs to specialize in roofers to know the important details. Otherwise, generic understanding will give mediocre results. 3) Only use exclusive leads that are just for you. Don’t get shared leads, they suck 3) respond in 5 minutes otherwise if you wait 30 min you can have a 2100% decrease in getting the business (MIT study) 4) Because you are so busy working IN your business, get a marketer that can help you work ON your business by showing how to close more roofing gigs so you can subcontract the work to then focus on monopolizing your roofing market place. Then you can subcontract your competition to work for you. Because in the end the winners in this game have the time to do what they want in life and the others just work till there burnt out. does this answer your question? …anything elts come to mind?