Pricing per square for rubber roof removal and install?


Hey fellas i am in the process of bidding on a roof thats around 220 squares has rubber on it now that is starting to leak have to install another 1 1/2 inches of iso board also for them.there are a good bit of penetrations, it is a fully adhered roofing system. I live near pittsburgh Pa.
I just dont wanna under shoot this one since it is pretty big one and would hurt!!



This is not the job to ask someone else the price.

If you do not know how to figure the price, walk.

Why not fix the leaks?


I have two or three questions, depending on the answers…1. Is the existing roof leaking?
2. are you removing existing epdm roofing and insulation?
3. Is it acceptable to go over an aged, but still useful epdm roof with new rigid, mech fastened, and then new epdm?