Pricing if new con in Alberta, Canada


Hey guys,

Over the last 3 years I’ve been bidding on new con work anywhere between $180/sq up to 7/12 - 225/sq and $225 for 10-12/12 pitch. I am small potatoes and I justify pricing based on never needing to go back to projects completed as I am always on site and never sub out work. Am I selling myself short here? I’m paying roughly 33.5/ bundle in material. That includes all my prep, flashlings including drip and attic intake/exhaust vents. Some builders jump on my pricing alone, yet others laugh at the fact I’m over priced… I don’t get it. I think I’m priced pretty damn competitively when it’s all said and done especially when I do a vast portion of the install. If anyone has thoughts that I can consider I’d be forever grateful.

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All #s are based on CAD

Thanks boys


Ask the builders where their last 3 constructs are, have a look at the quality of the roof installed and ask yourself if the roof is going to go the distance.
Laughing comes easy but not when you get called back because of defective work.
Promote yourself in the community as high grade workmanship…following builders who work on the cheap will ultimately bring you grief


$100 per sq for shingles? Lord Canada is expensive! Lol


are you damaged? no less than 300 sq and more if its steep i never sell less than 300 sq here in oakville the house prices are way up so your service needs be too


In talking new con my man. And what do you mean damaged? Like in the head??