Pricing advice for a shingle over?

I charge $400 per square for a non walkable roof and $350 for a walkable roof. I’ve never done a shingle over - where you lay down new shingles over the top of old. I have a customer requesting a shingle over and I’m fine with doing it as long as he understands that a warranty will not apply. Anyway, I’m trying to decide what I should charge per square for doing a shingle over. I clearly don’t have to remove the shingles and dispose of them. I also don’t need to lay down any weather protection under layers or tar paper. Perhaps $300 per square? Less? I’m interested to hear how any of you handle your pricing for shingle over jobs.

I refuse to do one. It’s not a quality way of doing things and I refuse to compromise our standards. Tell the customer it would save them $50 per square which is a stupid decision for putting on a second rate roof.


Enough problems with gun nails blowing holes in a smooth roof.

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It’s not my preferred method but i’ll do it in certain situations. Not gonna give you a figure on how much I charge since things vary greatly in different regions and such. I do charge A LOT more than $50 per sq to tear off, prep and dispose of old shingles so you’ll save a lot more going with a roof over with me.

A re-roof over existing runs typically 30-40% less than a tear off. You will still have to remove the existing hip/ridge cap and cut out any severely cupped/curled field shingles (if any are found).

If you go 30% less you should be safe.

is there a reason for it? If its just about the money, i am gonna just walk away. It is not about the warranty, it is about your company reputation.