Price too high?


I have been researching our re-roof project for awhile and was going to stay away from Certainteed due to lots of complaints but they appear to be from other states. I am in California. I have a couple of bids but the one contractor I like the best seems to be high in price. Is this bid way over priced? CertainTeed Landmark TL Ultimate- Air II Ridge Vent and Cor-A-Vent. Our roof will take only 14 squares They will install 4 Soffit Vents at garage eaves along with Continuous Soffit Venting at the eaves of Cathedral Ceiling that coincide with the AirII/Cor-A-Vent. They are removing a wood shingle roof They are using 1/2 " rated roof sheathing to the pitched roof using 2" fasteners. They are installing #30-36" ASTM D226 Heavy Duty underlayment. They are a Select Shingle Roofing Co. and this includes the SureStart Plus Warranty Ext and they install the 5 Star-Integrity Roofing System. Price includes plywood. Total Cost without some other items (gutters/some wood replacement) = $8845.60. Any help appreciated!


what is pitch of roof?


How close are the bids? Sometimes you get what you pay for. It sounds like there is quite a bit of work even if it is only 14 sq. I suggest you go with your instincts. Cetainteed is a good company and have good certified installers.


Sounds like you will be getting a good value for your money. The 5-star warranty is the best in the industry.

If you are comfortable working with this contractor, then go for it.



will add fyi , theres only a couple of plants in america that actually make shingles.
there are hundreds of brands and styles.



Sorry I am not sure what the pitch is. The garage part seem pretty normal but the main house portion is fairly steep given we have 2 stories with a cathedral ceiling in the living room. The other part is a flat roof which is not being done since it is fairly new. The other bidder was at $7700 with Owens Corning Woodcrest. I do like the detailed proposal of the higher priced contractor due to the time he has spent giving us options, teaching us what to look for, very detailed proposal (over 20 pages or info/pics/options). They also check out well on all feedback sites, license, ect. I just thought the price per square was very high ($631) since all others I have read seem to be $350 to $500. I know product wise we are at a high priced shingle but still seems high looking at the price per square for the actual shingle.


Often the best thing to do is who you feel most comfortable with and forget the price. The price is not that bad for the amount of work to be done. I am not sure of pricing in that area but I know I would be higher here. If you like him, use him.


Go with the guy your comfertable with,considering pitch his price is good


He sounds like a guy I would go with.It’s not easy to find roofers that take a lot of time with the potential customer and give you such a detailed proposal.


Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the feedback!