Price per square for epdm installation

Just looking to see what the average price per square is going for just installation of fully adhered epdm.

Like as in a sub crew was going to do it for you?

Yes.I have all materials and am subbing out the instal.Just looking to see what everyone else is getting around the states.

thousand dollars

The only way to do it is to call several local people and see who shows up, who impresses you, who is detailed and trust your gut.

That’s your price.

It doesn’t matter at all what other peoples prices are.

Regardless of the material being used…
My price is between one and two thousand…per day…plus labor…plus a percentage of overhead…plus trip charges for the material you missed.

My goal is to do your job in one day.
I would give you an exact contract price after looking at the job. I would completely ignore whatever measurements others have taken and take my own on the site.

this thread should actually be in the business section huh?
I think a grand per suare just for install is crazy…

It was made in jest.when people ask a blanket statement like “how much per square?” as if every roofs and specification were the same. I find it amusing.

I did too. :smiley: