Price per square calc


When calculating the “price per square”, what do you use as the calculation?

  1. Total Price / Total Field Shingles Ordered?
  2. Total Price / (Total Field Shingles + H&R Shingles ordered)?
  3. Total Price / (Field Shingles + H&R + Starter ordered)?

Just trying to understand if someone is saying “I’m getting $300 a square for retail”, what that really entails. Thank you.


Oh, you think someone shouldnt be paid for cap and starter shingle squares?


When i talk with just about anyone except my supplier, I talk total squares.


This isn’t my labor calc- it is my sales price per square. Would you include starter shingles in that calc?


Shingles are Shingles


As roof said shingles are shingles. Starters, Hip/ridge, open valleys, and aluminum metal edge are included in our standard per square. More expensive the shingle the more expensive accessory but it all works out as long as you are using the appropriate waste factors.

Rare exceptions do occur when doing something like grand manor or carriage when you have 20sq roof with 300’ hip at 6.20 a liner foot for hips you need to add some extra.


Sounds like #3 is the winner. Thank you