Price per SQ to install in Denver


Just wondering if anybody could tell me what the going rate per square is in the Denver area. I’m in the process of starting a company and trying to get all the numbers. Thanks for any assistance.


You’re starting a company and want a price per square? Have you ever put on a roof? There is no way to standardize per square prices.


You could ask some general contractors what they pay, then add 50% to 100% and you will be in the right ballpark.


Yes I actually put 400 roofs on last year. I guess I could’ve went into more detail with the question and I apologize for that. The sub crews we use here in Florida have a rate per square which includes, off, on, I&W, felt, gutter apron, drip edge, and ventilation. Of course there are other things that factor into it that adds an additional $20 per SQ or more such as access, patching turtle vents, steep slope, multiple layers, 2nd story and so on. Again I shouldn’t have had such a broad question. Example being a normal walkable roof 6/12 one layer is $100 a square. Add $20 per square for 9/12, another $10 per additional layer. I do understand every roof is unique and there is no way to standardize. Thanks for your response though.

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