Price increases on the way...again


Im sure many of you have heard about the 10% increases due March 1st, but i figured I would give those of you who are hibernating a heads up. That coupled with my new Michigan Business Tax (Tripled from last year) really makes a guy a wonder if its really worth it?


Already got the 10-15% increase notice myself. Getting to be beyond ridiculous.


All the manurfacturer seem to be in colusion. Its a dam shame that all contractors do not do the same. They all raise and fix there prices yet guys put out bids based on ten year old numbers :slight_smile:


i keep getting told im getting a price decrease…im confused?


Of course they talk to each other to set pricing. Well now its more like the mega giant GAF decides what they want to do and everyone else follows, but hey when you have almost 50 percent of the business you can do what you want. I think it would take someone greater than William Wallace and Spartacus combined to unite roofing companies on pricing. We will all just keep screwing each other till we make no money at all.


Yeah Marshall I heard the same thing as you just yesterday. Whats going on here?


Marshall and BamBam,

Lets share price lists with each other for leverage for negotiating with suppliers.

Which companies are stating decreases and which are increases.

I can scan in the one I have from about 1-2 weeks ago from ABC. It sucks. Way high for everything.



These are prices from 2 local suppliers(ABC & Reese-Indianapolis-does not include the price increase for march 2009
Shingles 30year $75.12 $75.72
Shingles 25year $66.12 $62.28
15lb felt $24.36 $21.84
90lb $28.85 $27.86
Ridge cap(timbertex) $42.51 $40.39
Pipe Boots $4.15 $6.51
Ridge Vents(10’) $22.00 $22.00
Lo Omni Roll(30)-20’RidgeRunner $53.58 $59.81
Box Vents $14.35 $11.30
Coil Nails $33.53 $38.45
Cap Nails $14.13 $18.75
Gutter Apron $4.26 $4.56
Drip Edge $4.59 $4.34
Ice Shield(Gaf)Weatherwatch-2sq $84.44 $55.38
Delivery & Fuel Surcharge $25.00 $25.00


Ice Shield(Gaf)Weatherwatch-2sq $84.44 [/quote]

that is rediculous. That is double what i pay (i do buy by the pallet though) I am now hearing conflicting reports from different suppliers.


I get a lot better prices than those exept for Timbertex. 71.00 for Timberline 30 but its going up.


I pay a lot more than the prices list but don’t buy any GAF junk.

The only good news is the Weatherguard is going down while everything else is going up March 1st.

My lumber yard bought half the shingles used last year to avoid the next price increase.


We just had our salesman call us Monday with a price decrease on Elk HD 30. & sentinal. (Beacon Supply)
Underlayments have dropped. Easy Lay polyester underlayment, has dropped from 72 to 45. Roof lines magazine just reported last week that we would see prices dropping.
Lucy? som-bodies, gots-sum-splainin to do…


gaf hd 30 is currently $87 a sq here at Pro Build and was I told today of 12 % increase march 2nd. Wow 100 dollars a sq. soon. I can remember paying 50 a sq this time last year for the same shingle.


sounds like your supplier is price gouging you. shop around your area and see where the other suppliers are at. And FYI…the national price increase is only 10% not 12. Be careful they dont nickel and dime you to death.


Price increases shouldnt be a big deal, they go up so does your selling price as well as insurance payouts. sure it is a pain but we should make more money off of it. The problem is when people dont know how to sell the higher price and give the job away for nothing.


We’re paying about $78.00/sq. for the same shingle here in NC. I would take the advice already given an “shop it” among as many suppliers as possible.

Good Luck


No big deal my ass. I understand 10-25% increas over 1 year, but F*&k,80-100% in 1 year, that just a bunch of crap. If you have not lost a dime from the increase, you are full of it. Nobody is that great of a salesman.


i hope it dose not get to crazy this summer. over $100 a sq just for shingles is nuts.



We’re paying about $78.00/sq. for the same shingle here in NC. I would take the advice already given an “shop it” among as many suppliers as possible.

Good Luck

The $87 a sq price was for a Timberline prestique High Definition 30 year,not to be mistaken for the Timberline natural shadows which seem to run a little cheaper r u quoting 78 a sq for the prestique or what?


In N.E.P.A. Prestique High Def…are 78.00 with the newest increase they will go to 85.00…I payed 42.00 for Elks last spring…I&W was 34.00 now it is 68.00 and shingle mate is 35.00…Cobra roll vent is now 165.00 for 50’ THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR(%#%$*%@)MINDS,lol