Prestique grande vs 30 yr HD questions

We are in Houston and need our roof replaced because of Hurricane Ike. We have done some online research and had one or two roofing companies come by for an estimate. We are considering the 30 year Timberline Prestique HD roof and the 40 year Prestique Grande.Neither company was experienced in installing the Grande roof.

Roofing companies here are so busy that we have not even been able to talk to a GAF/Elk Master Elite roofing contractor right now. Can anyone tell me if either of these roofs is better than the other one or any experience installing the Grande roof.

Also, are there any advantages to using a GAF/Elk master elite roofer or can anyone install the roof, particularly the Grande.
We need to have 100 squares installed and want to make sure we get the right roof and roofer. Thanks.

Ranch hand from this site is from texas. drippings plains i think. His name is mark look him up and he can help you out better since he is in the area.

Here is his profile :

I personally do not like elk shingles and since they have became a group with elk it still is not my first choice. I would rather run Certainteed since i know its track record and they have always been good to me. But again i am fron a cold weather state.

He has been a member of this site for a few years and knows his roofing. Hope that helps have a great day.

Our company has installed 4 Grande jobs,(Domain as it was known before Grande) I’ve heard that GAF is going to change the headlap to a solid asphalt comp instead of the fabric headlap. My experience with it was good, but as for my own home, I wouldn’t choose it. For one thing, if you step back and look at it, you really can’t tell it is larger than a regular laminate. I really have my doubts with the fabric headlap. I stood on the roof of the first one we installed about 4yrs ago. I took the headlap and folded it twice. Now remember, it is folded in the package. It cracked and pulled loose like it was perforated. My feeling is, it will not survive with water running on it, between the butt joints.

We went to replace some shingles on a new construction after the stucco company damaged them. Doing a repair on a shingle with a fabric headlap is really difficult. Not that you would have to do a repair, but if you ever do, look out.

The cost of the product, vs what you actually get, I don’t think it’s worth it. The special ridge, special starter, the large 9X12 flashing cards, make it a very expensive install, for the end result.