Power Attic Fan Replacement "cover only"

Got 12 power attic fans mounted on a 3,000 square foot, 2-story, home in Dallas TX. It’s overkill, obviously, but State Harm has offered to replace all twelve “plastic covers only”.

Anyone know how to get the whole fan unit replaced under insurance? These fans are probably 8-10 years old.

Thanks in advance for any help…Happy shinglin’!!

I don’t know how to get them paid for but GET RID OF THEM. I have never heard of or seen that many on a roof and can only imagine the potential imbalance issues with intake. More is not better in this case.

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It is possible if not probable that all of them are out of production and the parts no longer available. Get a letter on company letterhead from your local vendor stating they are out of production and no longer available (assuming they are) and turn into insurance with a supplement for complete replacement. If need be, get Homeowner to call their agent to complain. The other thing you can do is supplement to pay for detach & reset entire power vent since that would need to be done in order to replace the roof. Between that and the cover price, you should have more than enough for new power vents.

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Thanks, AD…I’ll give that a go. State Harm says they’ve found a distributor (my local vendor who’m I have an account with does not stock the plastic cover in question) and would like me to purchase throuh them. Unless the model # is discontinued, which I’m slightly certain it is. Going to have to make another trip to the property to get that photo.

Thanks for the advice!

Tileman, yeah its incredibly ridiculous.

Does the attic sound like a drone when all 12 are running?


It is impossible to find a cover only. That would be your basis for replacement. If they say it can be found, follow up with their distributor info provided. More then likely false.

It actually isn’t impossible every time. However, an easier approach is to supplement for Detach & Reset the power vent to go with replace the cover. Generally fairly easy argument to win. Between the two items, you have more than enough to cover a new power vent.