Possibly the best copper work I have seen to date

Got turned on to these guys through an add from the NRCA. Ya think you do good work and then you see stuff like this and…


Yeah, but there stuff is all shop manufactured, where I suspect you do a lot of your work out in the field.

That’s true but this is artesian quality stuff. I also don’t know how to weld copper which is pretty neat. I’d be happy to work in the field again if I had a chance to do high end historical restoration stuff.

copper is soldered.

It’s also welded :wink:

My cousin just retired from the sheet metal union after forty years of doing just copper work and in roofing work at least in this part of the world its never welded but soldered. We did a copper roof on a house on cape cod last year, all custom work no store bought assesories. I will try to post pictures.