Possible problem with gap in new ridge vent installation

I am a homeowner and recently had a roof replacement. A new GAF Snow Country Advanced ridge vent was installed incorrectly and the roofing company agreed to completely redo the vent. A new ridge vent was put in but now has about a 3/4 inch gap between the two ridge vent pieces.

I went to a store to look at a sample vent and into the attic to look at the vent from below and from what I can see the pieces were placed overlap to overlap. The vents have one end that has a small overlap and then the other end has a small indentation as an underlap so that the pieces fit together as you connect them along the ridge. I’m concerned about either water instrusion through the gap or mice getting in. The roofing company is saying the the gap is fine and won’t be a problem. Is there a reason why the ridge vent would be installed this way? Will it cause issues? I just want to know if I need to address this again with the roofing company.

I can’t get a clear picture of my roof because of how high up it is but the attached with same product shows what the gap looks like from the outside.

If mice want to find a way in they would not go the farthest place to do so.

Huh? Why would you allow any entry for mice or bats? They will find it. On top of that it’s just poor workmanship and wind driven rain is also an issue.

Unfortunately we had mice in the attic a few years ago before the new roof.

I’m not sure if this is something worth fighting over with the roofer at this point and whether doing a third ridge vent might do some damage to the roof.

Just a frustrating project overall. We went with a higher quote to get a GAF master elite roofer and the workmanship was just sloppy. Flashing around chimney leaked within a week and first ridge vent was installed incorrectly among other things.

Yes , it is a problem.
But i think your instincts are right.
It would take much more skill to fix it
And their workers and supervisor are already complete idiots.
I think it would be safer to just squirt a tube of something in there.
Half a tube for each side.

BUT if this was the norm, if there is more than this…?
then these fellas have never installed it before and they still need to come rip it all off and re-do it.
I think i would make it clear that i am about to go ape shit crazy on a mutha if i see the same men on the roof and they better have experience in installing it this time.

When you made them replace the vent the first time, did they also replace the top runs of shingles on both sides also??
Make sure you make them do that.
2 runs of shingles on both sides.

Thanks for the response. I had some concerns about the first ridge vent because the roofing crew didn’t bother to cut out the underlayment over most of the ridge slot which I could see from the attic. When the company sent someone out to look at that and the leaking flashing, he said they would replace the entire vent and make sure it was done right. From what I can tell, the original workers probably also didn’t use the correct nails based on how the new ridge vent looks in the attic. When the new vent was put in, I did ask that the old shingles under the vent be replaced with new to cover nail holes although I didn’t know enough to ask for 2 runs of shingles.

The new vent actually looks pretty good but I think the guy who ended up putting it in wasn’t aware that there was an overlap and underlap end to the vents which left that large gap. The more experienced guy who came out was redoing the flashing at the same time.

I’m trying to confirm that there’s no way this could be an appropriate installation before deciding how much to push back on the company. Under the contract, they’re obligated to correct any incorrectly installed parts.

This contractor just doesn’t want to fix it. If these huge gaps were OK then the ridge vents wouldn’t have the smaller slat openings - they would just design it with huge gaping openings lol. Unbelievable. You could have any number of animals or insects living freely in your attic let alone massive amounts of rain. He needs to fix this ASAP.

Does it rain much over there?
This will likely only be a problem during hard, blowing rain.
During those times, water travels up the roof.

We do get a lot of water here. I went ahead and forced the roofer to put on a new ridge vent. I watched the work and the roofer redid the entire installation including new shingles around both sides of the vent and ridge intersections. Other than some chewed up wood where all the vents have been nailed, I think it’s installed correctly now. Thanks all.