Poor finishing with new roofing


Hello Friends.

I have a roofing company replacing my roof based on an insurance claim. This area of workmanship seems very bad by appearance. It in the front of the house. The corner seems messed up and the it looks as if a shingle is missing.

The roofer’s response was - We built a metal pan which is what you see from the roof line. Since you have so much water that sits in that valley we did it in metal so it would drain better around the corner. The old flashing was a straight line and was also a concern for leaking in that area. Our new flashing is STEPPED up the brick so we can ensure no water can infiltrate in the problem area.

Appreciate any inputs you guys have as I have a final inspection with him this week.

Thanks much, Dods.


Not the neatest but looks generally proper.
There is no missing shingles, a gap in the pan behind your chimney helps drainage.
Having the shingles too close can cause the water to drain poorly.

They could have done the corner a little neater.


It is a dead valley.
Tons of water hitting the back of that wall.
Dont have them tear anything up to make it
It looks fine.
And it will pass inspection.