Plumbing boots


What kind of boots are most of you guys using?
I have neoprene on my house and the roof is about 15 years old. 3tabs look great, no curling lots of granule but the boots are cracking and I will replace. i hear a lot that neoprene’s will last about 10 years. Got to be something better than that. Aluminum? do they still make lead?


they still make lead



We use alumium with the edpm gasket around the pipe. The steeper pitch will put pressure on the gasket. This causes splitting. Most of the time they last the length of the roof life.


A proud user of the Oatey pipe flashings of various sizes. Never have problems with them rusting or anything of that nature for when we do a roofing job-we paint all exposed metal surfaces including pipe flashings, new tins on chimneys and any exposed metal flashings all get a coat of paint the is compatible with the shingle color.


I agree with lefty, the aluminum flange with the EPDM gasket works great and will outlive the roof. You can also get these in retrofit designs in you have electric through the roof. A lot easier than cuttin the lead boots or tarring the heck out of it.