Please help with Drip Edge Issue


We had an insurance claim for a new roof and gutters due to a hail storm last spring. We previously had the roof replaced, including new decking, for another storm claim in 2009. I noticed today that the new contractor left some of the old drip edge in place and put the new drip edge over the top of it. They said it was because our previous roofing contractor from 2009 had put new decking over the top of the old drip edge on that roof, which I confirmed is actually the case. I did not notice that issue at that time.

My preference would have been for the current contractor to at least cut off the old drip edge flush with the underdecking since they couldn’t get it out from between the two deck layers.

However, they’ve already put on the new drip edge. What should I do in this situation? Let them put the new gutters over the old drip edge? Ask them to tear up the first three rows of shingles so they can take off the new drip edge and cut off the old drip edge square with the decking? Other options? I don’t think insurance will cover tearing the whole thing up to put on new decking, would they?


The gutters will hide it all.


Was the drip edge replacement on the previous scope of loss & was the contractor paid to replace it? If so, make him come back out & fix it or return your money as clearly it was not completed correctly.
If it was not, the drip edge is bent & per building code, drip edge must be installed per manufacturer guidelines which must be in usable shape (not bent, rusted, torn, nails in it, etc). Refer to ICC R905.1 & then refer to the manufacturer. We usually use GAF as a go to.


Thanks, I will check my previous contract, but I think I would be going after the money at this point. I can’t really ask the new company to tear up the brand new roof they just put on, can I? Also, when you discuss the bent drip edge, I’m assuming you are talking about the old stuff. By code, would it need to be removed before installing the new drip edge, or is it ok to put new gutters and drip edge over the top of it as my current contractor plans to do?


Yes this will be fine and could be a bit better if the old drip makes everything extend just a bit to drain into the gutter well.

The old drip edge should have never been sandwiched between the decking like it is and it probably should have been cut away before the newest roof was installed, it’s a cosmetic issue that will be hidden by the gutter.