Please help me roofer trying to get money for things he didnt do


My spouse hired a roofer to come and replace it we signed a contract for alil over 5500 however when state farm sent to documents he added on a lot of things he didnt do like fix fences and windows. We have paid the amount we agreed to in the contract but not a penny more. He sent a text message saying he is gonna put a lean on our house. What should I do because clearly he lied to get more money.


Hello. Did the contract have an amount on it?


Yes and both partiea signed.


Then don’t worry about the roofing company and talk to the owner. Btw any money paid by your insurance company is yours. Not the withheld depreciation, but the actual cash value. The recoverable is only yours if you do the work.


Especially for work not done or agreed to on the contract. Maybe if the squares were short… but not for work. Not done.


I’m going to try and talk to them again. Thank you!


Sounds like he’s trying to supplement and skim more profit. Call your insurance company and inform them of this.


You better call a legal consultant regarding of this issue. This is an important matter, you should have to settle this and call for a new roofing company to do what is needed to be done in your house.

What to Look for in Quality Roofer?
If you like what you see, it’s time to verify that the roofer carries workers’ compensation coverage and at least $1 million of liability insurance. Get his agent’s name and proof-of-insurance certificates. Then get an estimate, which should be free. Because roofing is a short-term job, break up the total due into two payments: one-third up front for materials, and the remainder when the roofing and cleanup are done to your satisfaction.

Also insist on a warranty that covers leaks, flashing failure and other labor-related defects. A one-year warranty is the minimum, though two or three years is preferable. These same stipulations should go into the contract, which should also include what type of shingles will be used. Request the highest-rated, longest-lasting shingles you can afford.

Shingle manufacturers generally back their products for 20 to 30 years. Some warranties are void if shingles are put on over existing shingles, so tearing off the existing layer could be required, at an additional cost. Asphalt roofs last 13 years on average, so a 20-year warranty should be fine. Just be sure you get the paperwork and proof of purchase needed to pursue any problems down the road.


Call your insurance adjuster! The guy is committing insurance fraud if he submitted an invoice you didn’t know about and for work he didn’t complete.


Just a suggestion…whenever you make a payment to the contractor, especially if it’s the final payment, get a “Release of Lien” or “Lien Waiver” I’m partners in a small roofing company, and we provide this lien release upon final payment. It’s basically a notarized form that is signed off on by the contractor, stating that he has been paid for materials and labor that he provided for the job and releases his right to file a lien on your property. I’m sure you can google it and find a workable form.