Please give your opinion on this

We recently had our roof replaced.
In the original roof some of this area was covered by a black metal section that routed the water around the corner. The new contractor ripped it out during tear out and covered the entire area with shingles.
Seems to me that’s the last thing I would want is water flowing into this corner during a heavy rain.
This area also gets a significant amount of snow drifting in the winter.
I appreciate your opinion on this.

Reframe so the valley starts at the ridge.

It looks like they removed and replaced siding to install new flashing.

If done right it will be fine as is.


Most guys would have just reused your old metal, id say they did a good job, assuming its flashed well

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Should have a snow pan installed there like it the metal one was before. Today a cap sheet pan would likely be used instead of the metal. Depending on what underlayment they used in that area, and what they used for flashing, this could be an issue going forward. I also don’t see the flashing extending past the corner of the wall. You can see based on the knot he’d out trim board that it used to. This takes water away from the corner. Without it, it likely will leak there long term if they are just counting on caulking. Personally, I would not accept that as a long term roofing solution.

Trim board is new, last one rotted out?

I’ll bet it did! It’s to low to the roof, and will do the same thing again. However I was talking about the notch in the vertical board, not the horizontal.

Shoulda been corner kickout lip and caulk between siding and board

The new trim boards were put in because new flashings were installed. This was an extra in the contract.
There has never been any leaks here or anywhere in our roof in the past.
I am an electrician by trade not a roofer but it just seems to me that in the long run your better off diverting the water away from the corner than relying on the flashing and caulk to stop it. It may be fine for a while but since the water is flowing toward the flashing not away there probably is a significant risk of moisture intrusion down the road. A small cost now may prevent a much larger one later.
Appreciate all of you weighing on this.