Pipe jack install


Does this look right? Or should the pipe jack flashing be on top of rolled roof?


Not sure exactly what I’m looking at but it isn’t right.


It looks like somebody did extra work to do it wrong. I would have notched the membrane around the pipe, installed a sloped roof pipe boot in a bed of cement, then installed the shingles over the flange.


Its peel and stick on patio transtioning to architectual shingle main roof. Will water end up running under peel and stick since pipe jack flashing is underneath peeln stick?



Yes, the pipe boot isn’t even fully covered with the peel and stick, it is barely in the salvage edge. When I do a flat to shingle transition I run the modified up under the shingles a minimum of 12", you barely have 5 if you can see the salvage sticking out there. Unless they put a row of starters under the bottom row of shingles that would mean you have zero headlap with the first course.



Some more stellar work.


Did they replace the pipe boots or just paint the old ones?


Replaced all, except for one on transition in original pic. They originally had no boot on that one until i questioned them about it, just globbed on a bunch of tar. Then put a boot on when they had to redo rolled patio roof. Then installed it wrong where we stand now


The pipe flashing should be going over the self-adhered modified bitumen at the transition.

It looks like they did the opposite.


Because of the proximity of the penetration to the flat roofing it ahould have a pitch pan installed around it with the top of the pitch pan cut at an angle to have a level top edge and filled with Karnack 229 trowel grade.