Pipe boot recommendation

What brand(s) of pipe boots would you recommend for a residential roof?

I have no idea what brand of pipe boot I use.
I just ask for galvanized base in a color that matches the roof the best.
They are very good boots and have high quality rubber on them.
They are $8.95 each.

I really Hate Oatey “no caulk” boots but that is just my preference & opinion.

You can use neoprene collared boots with a galvanized, aluminum or hard plastic base and replace them about every 10 years or lead boots and replace them every time the squirells eat them up.

If you wanna get fancy you can even use copper ones.

Exact brand in the case of pipe boots is typically unimportant.

Have had really good luck with the factory painted IPS plumbing vents for ABS or PVC pipe. Been using them for several years with no call backs. Been on several 15 yr old roofs with IPS plumbing vents and the rubber looks new.

ALL my builder use the cheap Oatly or other plastic vents and have had the rubber/plastic fail by 5 yrs.

A couple years ago a plumber who claimed to do roofing on the side asked what plumbing vents I like. Told him IPS ONLY, he said they are too expensive for his boss…

For the iron pipes on the older homes we run the two piece factory painted lead topped vents.

The No Caulk collared Oatey offered back in the early 1900’s are starting to rust out now. Too bad they don’t still make them. EPA decided they were ‘bad’ for us.

Around here the Oatey boots crack & break in the cold.

I wasn’t talking about the rubber ones, From about the late 1800’s, the no-cauld was made of galvanized and lead. Slide them on, tap the lead to fit and done.
This is a 90+ year old No-caulk by Oatey.
[attachment=0]Lead Head Pipe Collar.jpg[/attachment]
No cracking yet.

Up here in Canada I am still pulling off 25 year old rubber pipe boots that are essential still doing their job. We use Oatey No-Caulk plastic pipe boots on Contracted New Construction (all trades supply their own flashings, HVAC, Plumbing etc.). On re-roofs we use the 5 in 1 from Menzies metals.

Perma Boot and Lead for me. The PB’s are pricey but worth it IMO. I use lead upon request but I have found that lead has become a dessert for the squirrel population.

Ya, seen plenty of lead topped vents with teeth marks in them, seen some pretty much chewed off!

The homeowner yesterday said she’s had issues with squirrels eating her heat cables! The odd thing is they never touch the stuff on the roof but always eat the sections laying on the ground. She has been forced to wrap the cables in a wire mesh material.

Those squirrels are something else…

I’m not particular about the brand but we do include rain caps on top of ever pipe jack boot. Essentially double booting. The rain caps are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They protect the original neoprene from the sun’s UV rays which is the primary culprit in causing the rubber to degrade and crack.

The suns rays are one source but I think a bigger issue is improper ventilation. At least here in the south where the summer temperatures easily exceed 90 plus degrees daily. All that hot stagnant air tries to escape up and around the rubber collars.

In the pic below, these boots were installed along with the new roof just 8 years ago. They have been burnt up for at least a couple years. I was called out to look at the chimney area when I discovered them. The home has 2 power vents that have not been working for quite some time.

I performed the chimney flashing and replaced the boots but have not heard back from them about the power fans! :shock:

[attachment=0]2013-10-14 07.02.52.jpg[/attachment]

Holy sh** Chuck are your eyes bad ? Monster fonts. Hahaha

I don’t recommend this 5in1.
Installed in March 2016 in Kelowna BC