Picture Proof residential inspection App

Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on this…

What feedback are you looking for? Looks like she’s trying to fund the development. There are already apps out there to do this or something similar. I don’t see funding the development as a sound investment.

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There are a few apps out there, but this one labels the photos and actually walks you through the inspection, which is great for new sales people with less experience. I know my biggest problem in supplementing is getting the proper photos for documentation. Seems like it would save time and energy.

Was just curious to see what others in the field thought.

Photos and not selling the Homeowner to help with the supplement process are clearly the two biggest problems. Not sure how an app is going to help the root cause problem. Lazy and incompetent Sales Reps/Inspectors. If 15 minutes of training and perhaps one or two hands on experiences won’t teach a Rep how to properly take photos, an app isn’t going to get it done.