Permanent Roof Jacks


I have a homeowner that is getting a new polymer tile roof and wants to leave roof jacks or better yet just the roof jack anchors on the roof so normal maintenance can be done at a later time. Roof is 12/12 pitch.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance


Hire an actual roofer that knows things.


Why would you leave the old roof jacks? Why would you leave just the bases?

HO does not make sense. Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.


Better find some stainless jacks.


The homeowner is concerned that periodic attaching and removal of the roof jacks to perform maintenance would cause more headaches than it should.
Thats why I asked the professionals on here for their opinion.


We specialize in slate and tile, there is rarely any maintenance that we set jacks up for. Most of the time anything that needs to be done can be done by a chicken ladder, only time you run into problems is a completely hipped house.


Why would roof jacks (if copper or stainless) ever need to be temporarily removed? What sort of maintenance are you talking about?


I know this an old post but for safety reasons I feel
compelled to respond. We have done large, steep
jobs in the past, (new construction)and had to wait months to complete
due to leaving trails unroofed around walls that
needed stucco work. When we return the jacks are
barely hanging on the nails if it’s been hot out. We
can remove them by hand many times. A better
solution is permanent anchors that are made to be
left in.


You should use 16d spikes and make sure it is in a rafter, it won’t come out on it’s own.

I will fire someone that doesn’t nail the jacks into rafters/trusses, it’s a major avoidable safety issue.


We are required to use 20d nails in rafters. It doesn’t matter if they sit for 6 months.
The nails won’t come out but the slotted jack can easily be pushed off the nails.