? $ per sq

please forgive this obviously new-bee question, but i am interested in finding out the going rate for a shingler. specifically, residential, mostly arch. shingles.
I’ve labored for years. i am highly prized because of my resourcefulness and strength. i am able to set 2 32 footers and 24 ft. pic by myself. anyway, besides all the herculean stuff, (wich we have all done), i,m getting older and focusing on perfecting my shingling skill. I pretty much rip, dry in, and lug my own bundles and the bosses, while helping shingle, and then clean-up. my boss keeps me busy, and i feel i’ve got a good thing. i just want to make sure i’m within the average pay scale. thanks for listening.

any where from $13-$22/hr depending on years of service, other benefits offered, how succesful the business is, if the boss likes you.

around here the averave is about 15 dollars per hour if youre a good roofer

Most of my guys earn between $45 & 65 k a year. You get what you pay for.Anything less than $30 per hour for a blue chip guy is a rip off. I always pay well. A man with a family needs to earn at least $45k per year to have any kind of lifestyle or future. Full health insurance and a 401K will justify a slightly lower pay rate.


Shinglers here start out at $25 a square for walkable 3-tabs. Price goes up as pitch goes up. Laminates pay $4 a square more. Also they pay extra if the roof has over 10 roof decks.
Example: A 4/12 with laminates and 15 “starts” is $33 a square.


i dont get why people expect more pay for laminates?

i appreciate all the feedback from my question. after getting a general idea from experienced roofers out there from all parts, i now feel better.
the person i work for is more a friend than my boss, although i still recognize that he is in-charge, anyway it is obvious that he is treating me real decent. i can see i’ve got a real good thing. he pays me by the job, after doing the math i can determine i’m getting just above, sometimes better than average. especially for our area. thanks again!

My main six installers are paid $35-50 an hour, their experience on roofs range from 10 years all the way up to 40 years. They are all family too, two brothers, two cousins, uncle, and my father. Most roofs have well over 100 years of roofing experienced personal on them at all times. Some are faster than others but quality is the ultimate goal. It keeps me busy without advertising.

Have a couple installers with only a couple years experience and they are at $20 an hour.

Grunts are paid $10-17 an hour.

When you get $300-500 per square for one layer tear offs the money is there to pay well. A happy roofer is a roofer that will show up for work every morning.

Me too… sure, a laminate can be heavier to lug (bundles) & take a bit longer to cut, but in reality they are easier to lay in comparison to 3Tabs. By & large, it’s “get your 4” offsets lined out right & move through the target."