Paused work, waiting for insurance approval


Hey everyone,

I’m re-roofing a home in which it was discovered had 2 layers of shingles and un-nailable/damaged decking. I paused and called insurance adjuster (State Farm). She stated not to continue work until I get approval from her. She had to leave work early and will be out the next few days and said she wouldn’t be able to review/approve before leaving even if I got her the city code information before she left, which she said is all she needed. My question is, since there’s a chance of rain and the roof is currently exposed, what is the next step? Do I tarp the roof and will the insurance pay for the tarping?

Thanks in advance.


That is a Delay tactic. Take pictures call back and ask to speak to a supervisor. Tell the supervisor you have pictures you can email to get the second layer approved. The decking is another issue. I am in Texas also and the decking is a policy issue. Talk to your customer, if they have a mortgage they have a min. $5000 O&L coverage. If there house is paid for they may not have any O&L coverage. And will 5000 cover the cost of the re-deck? Not where I am unless the house is 13 squares. My advice is talk to you customer before you do anything. There are multiple issues that you need facts on. They may have more than 5000 O&L coverage…


Also, the second layer should have been discovered during the inspection. Not the insurance company’s inspection. Your inspection. IMHO


Agree. It’s part of bidding. You always check for type of decking and how many layers.


It’s easy to overlook a second layer in some cases. And it is as much or more the insurance adjuster’s responsibility to catch it. I don’t see how their house being paid for affects O&L coverage. Why don’t you just look at the policy, it is generally clear whether they do or they don’t? Decking will vary a bit depending on where you’re located. Generally around $65 per sheet. You might also have steep charges added to it. $5000 would buy a lot of decking. Approximately 3 sheets per square x number of roof area squares.


Thanks everyone! I looked in the IRC book and found the code I needed. I submitted it and got decking approved the next morning. Like someone said, steep charges also applied and were approved as well. Before getting the decking approved, I called the insurance carrier again and spoke to another adjuster in the main adjuster’s team and he approved tarping so we tarped he roof to protect it overnight.